‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ Rally is HUGE! » rally20


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14 09 2008
drew hanson

As do the wolves !!

The Bears and the Wolves want Sara Palin to tell them why she hates them ??!!

What have they done to her that has caused her to want to wipe them off the face of our earth ??!!

14 09 2008

Awww… that’s cute! More power to polar bear moms!

14 09 2008

Best. Costume. Ever!

Lovin’ Mudflats too. Thanks for the great coverage.

14 09 2008

haha.. they’re holding up their signs with ski poles – Go Alaska!

14 09 2008

Polar bears everywhere are thanking your courage

15 09 2008

I knew Jay Hammond. Jay Hammond was a friend of mine (actually my dad’s). Governor, you’re no Jay Hammond, ’cause Jay would have cared about the bears.

What have the bears done to Sarah Palin? They exist, which is enough to condemn them. Drill baby drill!

15 09 2008
Georgia Girl

You Alaska women make me proud! Love the signs and the bear.

16 09 2008

Thank you for restoring my faith — well, some of it anyway — in humanity and even the future!! I would give every one of you a bear hug if I could!!

16 09 2008
Louise Larsen

I love it!

Check out my website — I’ve been doing a LOT of blogging about how upsetting a choice Palin is AND WHY!

Keep up the great job!

Louise Larsen

17 09 2008

mudslinging = mudflats !!!!!!!

17 09 2008

I LOVE IT! All the way from the Black Bear Mamas in Colorado to The Polar Bear Mamas in Alaska!

17 09 2008
Mad As Hell

Tell me how Palin can be so protective of God’s unborn humans, but when it comes to God’s other creatures such as the polar bear and wolves, she doesn’t think twice about them being slaughtered, or drowned or starved to death. She is truly an evil person.

18 09 2008

OOOOOHHHHH I L O V E , this site. Go Sarah……
you are my girl. this kind of site will help put Sarah in the white House
Thanks Guys!
keep up the site

25 09 2008
Texas Girl

So there are intelligent women in Alaska. I am proud of you. Keep it up. Love the polar bear.

3 10 2008

“OOOOOHHHHH I L O V E , this site. Go Sarah……
you are my girl. this kind of site will help put Sarah in the white House
Thanks Guys!
keep up the site”

Typical republican. Keep the blinders on and you won’t see what your party elects are doing/have done. You look right at a negative article and TWIST it to fit your opinion. Typical republican.

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