‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ Rally is HUGE! » rally18


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14 09 2008
Alaska women, THANK YOU! - New England Patriots Forums - PatsFans.com Patriots Fan Messageboard

[…] women, THANK YOU! ‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ Rally is HUGE! photo1: rally18 Mudflats photo2 rally25 Mudflats photo3: rally39 Mudflats photo4: rally48 Mudflats photo5 rally65 […]

14 09 2008

This signs got it right. We owe it to our sons and daughters not elect this woman into our White House! NO WAY! NO HOW! NO PALIN!

14 09 2008
steve, CA

you all are are so creative, this is good to see, spread it around

14 09 2008
Greg Goss

So far tonight I’ve received two “the item you are looking for is not here.” pages when clicking on these pictures. I can’t believe that WordPress is being overloaded at 2 in the morning (mountain time — 4 AM back east). Is it possible that someone’s trying a denial of service against an unpleasant truth?

15 09 2008
Terry, NH

This has made my day….thank you women from Alaska. Off to an Obama meeting……I am passing on your accomplishment. 50 days left…..we have to do all we can to make sure that not only does Obama win….but he wins BIG.
Terry from New Hampshire

15 09 2008

This is AWESOME!!! Oh god, it would be so cool if alaska voted for obama!!! 🙂
Utah for obama too!!!

28 09 2008

Thank you women of Alaska. ou made my day

29 09 2008

After spending a weekend surronded by what seemed like way too conservative friends and guests, I am thrilled to see I don’t stand alone. If the state she represents has this much to say we need to pass it on! No Palin-

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