‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ Rally is HUGE! » rally13


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14 09 2008

This sign is so beautiful.

14 09 2008

Oh, thank God! I thought Alaskan women were all Stepford Wives. Thank you for showing the other side of Alaska. Now, I want to come up and visit you guys! How do we find you?

14 09 2008

Thank God there are sane women in Alaska!! Now he have to educate other women.
The talk show host’s comment is outrageous: “a bunch of socialist baby-killing maggots”. I wonder if his home phone number is published too?

Thanks, organizers, for your work!

14 09 2008

I love this. Ravens are remarkable creatures.

14 09 2008

Burke is beyond outrageous. Palin does not represent any woman I know here in Hanover, NH and the surrounding area nor does she represent my friends around the nation.
I have been working as a volunteer for Obama since April 2007. We truly must fight with everything we have to prevent Bush/Palin from conning women into thinking they are putting a Hillary Clinton type into this VP slot.

14 09 2008

this post brought tears of joy to my eyes, and this handmade sign is so lovely, it needs to be reproduced, blog on!!

14 09 2008

“I thought all Alaskan women were Stepford wives”

just like all people from California are movie stars and surfer dudes… Talk about stereotyping people.

14 09 2008

When did Alaskans start wearing this many clothes for a day like this. A lot of these people are dress like they are from the lower 48.

14 09 2008

She is scary

16 09 2008

Great sign!! I’m so glad that this rally happened.

16 09 2008

I’m going to shuttle students back and forth from the campus I work on to polling booths around town. Spread the word and organize for the same in your towns. The student vote – ANY vote for that matter – is so very crucial in this election. PEACE.

20 09 2008

I’m so glad to see Alaskans tell the real truth about Palin. She’s a mouthpiece for the male conservative right wing agenda.

She is not a candidate that supports women’s liberation and I hope people see her for the hypocrite that she is. I can’t believe she used her daughter as a posterchild for teen pregnancy and a forced marriage. Do you really think that young man involved in the pregnancy wanted to marry? They were forced. Let’s see how long this forced tribute to marriage lasts. I feel sorry for both Palin’s daughter and her soon to be husband. So much for Palin’s testament to absintence programs. Her daughter attests to the failure of such a backwards program.

Palin is an embarassment in leadership for women. How do you think mother’s in high crime areas, who have lost sons due to gun shots, feel when she touts her pro-gun agenda?

I’m proud of Alaskans standing up against her? How do we start an anti-Palin campaign in California?

28 10 2008

The BEST “Pic” I seen in years! “A picture says more than words”!
This is right-on! You go Lady’s! (the mess in the dress is NOT one)!

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