‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ Rally is HUGE! » rally12


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14 09 2008

Your sisters (and brothers) in the lower 48 salute you!

14 09 2008
Suzi in Chicago

Amen to THAT! I can’t WAIT to see if Unstable or Unable try to appear in my area.

15 09 2008

Excellent! Keep it up. Palin scares the heck out of me and I think the Lower 48 would really benefit from the inside scoop on this woman.

17 09 2008
ramona lewis

We need more than a Hockey Mom for a Vice President for the USA. – I thought that was very immature of her to even mention that she is a Hockey Mom – what does that have to do with being the Vice President of our country? If her thinking is that shallow – WE DO NOT NEED HER!!!

17 09 2008
Carol Dahl

What good news about your rally!! I consider Palin “Window Dressing”–Dress her up, prop her up, and stick her in the window! – My friend from Ketchikan remarke d – We’d like to get rid of her in Alaska but not bad enough for her to be our Country’s VP.

In Seattle, we’re here to support you!
Carol Dahl

18 09 2008

I am so glad to see that Alaska women has not been hoodwinked by Gov. Palin. How do people like her stay in power???? And how in the world can being a hockey mom qualify her for anything other than being a hockey mom? It wouldn’t qualify her to even get a job at Lehman Brothers! Keep it up Alaska, let the country know that she is NOT representing you!

22 09 2008

Way to go Alaska! MOST of Alaska!:) Keep it up and keep being strong!

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