‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ Rally is HUGE! » rally10


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14 09 2008

First off: Eddie Burke sounds like a grade-A asshole.

Anyway, Congratulatiosn to all those Alaskans do demonstrated against the Godzilla from Wasilla. Nice to know there’s sane people up there.

I’m curious if Bloody Palin’s wolf killing enthusiasm is shared by most Alaskans, particularly the disgusting and sadistic practices of aerial shooting and the killing of cubs in their dens.

14 09 2008
James Bennett

Wow, this pic says so much.
Hope for the future (just hoping there is one.)
The passion and creativity of the sign, that smile.

“And so we`re waiting now
Waiting for our child to come
Can`t imagine what the future holds
Just hoping there is one”

“Our Day’ N Finn

14 09 2008

Wow, that rally is huge. More signs than people.

14 09 2008
Greg Goss

This picture says a lot. In the commentary threads on other pictures, people talked about the fear of being against the Pub choice — people having to whisper their support. Here we see someone who’s scared enough of something happening that she puts her kids in bike helmets for the rally.

Kids in helmets, in case the Republicans are offended. Scary.

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