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14 09 2008

Sisterhood is powerful!

Sarah Palin is the Clarence Thomas of women…underqualified and against all the things she should be for.

14 09 2008

Can I send this to Huffington Post to spread what is really going on in Alaska?

14 09 2008
Alaska Women Reject Palin Rally - Liberal Values - Defending Liberty and Enlightened Thought

[…] everyone in Alaska is excited about Sarah Palin being on the Republican ticket. Mudflats, whose coverage of Alaska politics has suddenly made it one of the hotter blogs around, reports on […]

14 09 2008


14 09 2008

I wish Dem women in the nation will do the same any time she visit their state, now that will be a statement to the nation. I am organizing a protest when next she visit my state. Wakeup America women, Obama can not do it alone, let follow these brave women footsteps before is 2 late. This woman will set us back, if you watch the view and hear McCain talk about Roev vs w is wrong, you will know what I mean and take action. We Can not let Dems loss again! If we do, it will be a painfull four years.

15 09 2008
Roger Duke

As a Texan who endured ‘W’ for 8 years as Gov. and almost 8 as Pres. I warn my fellow Americans-Beware! Wall Street is crashing today and Palin had the sheer audacity to use it as a campaign pledge! Wasn’t that Alan Greenspan last nite saying it’ll be 20 years! She is like a female clone of Dan Quayle..and it shows.
Now that the Bushes have done to the nation what they did to Texas- double taxes/fines/line pockets/rape environment/”redistricting” from Austin, we desperately need change! Cheers to the great frontier women of Alaska!!! Wish I could have been there. Keep it up-the stakes are just TOO high! God bless America! TexDawg

15 09 2008
Giovanna Lepore

Thank you Alaska Women Reject Palin! There has been such mendacious use of language coming from McCain/Palin that reading your signs and statements I can take heart that not everyone in this nation has gone insane!

15 09 2008

Bless you all. We in CA support you and take comfort and pride in your brave repudiation of this vile (non) representative of women. GO OBAMBA!!!!!! Why are the “pro-lifers” so eager to send their sons into battle to die or kill someone’s husband or father or son, but they can’t understand why a woman wants the right to terminate the accumulation of a bundle of fertilized cells? IGNORANCE and phony Christian nonsense. I wish Jesus would make an appearance and tell all these kooks how crazy they are! If Jesus is really coming you can bet he is MAD!!!

15 09 2008

Another CA gal checking in. Sisterhood runs deep. We’ve fought too long for our rights to take a back seat to this bimbo. Yaay Anchorage!

16 09 2008
Cristina M

Sarah Palin is a disgrace to all the smart, hard-working, women with “Earth morals”, who care for the future of the world and its resources for our children. Alaskan women…lead us on. The women of Virginia will follow!

16 09 2008
Apri C.

So glad to see women standing up to this political scheme!!!! Americans, especially women, should see the political strategy McCain thought he’d give a try. Women across the country should be fired up that McCain thought so little of women that he would be able to select “any old woman” as his running mate and get support from women just because we’re all women! Blasphemous!! I surely wish North Carolina would organize a similar effort to make a statement!!

16 09 2008

What a comfort it is to see this! All the national media is focusing on are the crowds SUPPORTING Palin. As a mother of two teen-age daughters…it absolutely makes my blood run cold to think of what will happen to women’s rights should this woman become VP.

Thanks to our Sisters in Alaska…keep fighting the good fight!

17 09 2008

What a great sign, too! Cheers for our Alaskan sisters!

No way, no how, NO PALIN! :0)

19 09 2008

Ah!!!! the sisterhood is alive and well here in Colorado too. Thank you Alaskan women. You go!!!

19 09 2008

Pay close attention. This is just a small example of what smart, involved, responsible women can do. The old machinery is broken. It is time to put our numbers to work today to either fix it or replace it – for ourselves, our children, our men, our families and friends – to insure a safer, smarter, stronger, more productive America tomorrow. Vote and take your children to the election booth with you – they will be witness to history. The day women moved America forward toward a new agenda and a new and positive world order.

21 09 2008
Andrea Laired

I will do my best to see this happen in Arizona!!

21 09 2008

Awesome job, women!!!! I want to do the same thing in Florida!! You would not believe the level of misinformation there is out there. Today the young female cashier in Target told me she was going for McCain because Obama is going to try to make it so that 5-month-old fetuses can get aborted more easily!!! So, after I assured her that that was not true, I asked her, if YOU had a private health concern to discuss with your doctor, would YOU want to have to go to a judge to explain it? She said, No!, of course. The Supreme Court protected our privacy…the real radicals are the ones that want to limit women’s rights on something long since decided, rather than focus on the real issues: how to stop our children from being killed in senseless wars for the sake of Big Oil!!!

21 09 2008
Nancy in California

I am so proud of you Alaskan Women. Women will lead the world, but not the likes of Palin. Obama has a vision, and McCain has none. I have never been more involved in a campaign than I have with this one. I am so fired up to rid our country of the likes of the Bush-Cheney-Rove type of government. When asked who I will vote for, I pose this question: Who would I rather vote for – 2 Constitutional law professors (who may just defend our Constitution) or a has-been who finished in the lowest 5% of his Annapolis class (and crashed not 1, but 5 U.S. Navy jets) and a soccer mom? Let’s see, who do you think the terrorists will most fear??? You Alaskan Women have spurred me on to be even more involved. Thank You for that!

27 09 2008
Jack Blue

YES! Another Texan checking in here. Sarah Palin is just plain as dumb as a box of rocks and not much more attractive, either. I can’t wait for the VP debate! I wonder what they are going to program her to say; surely they won’t let her say what she … uh… thinks.

27 09 2008
Jack Blue

Forgot to say how well I remember Dubya from when he was Gov. of Texas. It’s just a good thing that the Gov of Texas is a PR position without much power.
I lived in Alaska for 8 long winters, too, but I didn’t have near as much money as Palin, just more kids.

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