Infiltrating the Palin Rally in Anchorage. » palin-rally-3

The capacity of the room is 5000. MSM is reporting the crowd at 2000+. You tell me.


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13 09 2008

That does NOT look like 2000+ people to me.

13 09 2008

ADN says 1,500. I’d say a thou, max.

13 09 2008

To borrow a phrase from my potty-mouthed teen: WTF?????????? There are not 2000 people there!!!!!!!!!!!!! But anyway, what is MSM?

13 09 2008

This sure doesn’t look like 2,000. It could be under 1,000 as far as I can see.

At the very least, they chose the WRONG room for the rally. They could also have made things look a bit better by using chairs.

13 09 2008

The term “MSM” = “mainstream media”.

13 09 2008

Great photo! 1000-1500 max. Look at all that space!

13 09 2008

Just as I suspected….the media wants this race to “appear” to be a 50-50 race, as this will boost ratings to all news sites. This is going to be an Obama landslide. Yes, you heard it here people, an Obama landslide predicted.

13 09 2008

I was at the anti Palin rally, and there were more people there than in this building. There is no way that is 2000 people.

13 09 2008

i mean you can almost HEAR the crickets chirping in this picture .


13 09 2008
Suzi in Chicago

pathetic…simply pathetic…

Obama Landslide!!! A-men to THAT!!!

13 09 2008

And every last one of them a blaspheming Dominionist, trading on the name of the Lord, controlling jobs and doing business exclusively within one of their churches (of which she was a member of for more than 20 years) in order to become a political force that makes the U.S. God’s Army, charged with the responsibility of dominating the entire Earth in the name of Jesus. Sarah Palin DID NOT come out of nowhere. She’s a GOPAC tool, designed and built by James Dobson/Newt Gingrich et al to subjugate the people and resources of this country to their heretical idolatorous religion.

13 09 2008

Yeah??? Well, you are RIGHT( ON).

13 09 2008

I thought that was worth shouting.

13 09 2008

This looks so dark and depressing, like they’re in jail and they’re being punished.

13 09 2008

i would imagine you were using your wide-angle to the max, but that place looks positively cavernous! i don’t think there were even 1000 peeps there….

any pics from the anti-p party?

13 09 2008

So my husband just analyzed the pictured and based on the area that was roped off there is no way that 2000 people could comfortably be in that space. What happened is that 40% of the venue was set up for the rally and then they just declared that 40% of the total number of people that could normally use the full space were in fact there. When in fact they so clearly are not. I guess that is why repugs are so against teaching science and math….because it will be used against them so often

13 09 2008

reminds me of the time the statue of saddam was toppled. from close up, it looked like a huge rally. then when the cameras zoomed out, it was relatively small.
lisa @

14 09 2008

Darn. I would have been in there with them. I twould have been one more person but I would have moved down the middle and counted half the crowd. I always do stupid things like that just to see if the media is accurate. You can’t do it with huge crowds but a small bunch like this is easily counted.

14 09 2008

McCain has been using the small screen tactics throughout his campaign. He can’t draw a crowd and that is one of the reasons that he picked Palin. He also continues to try to shove the town hall meetings down Obama’s throat, but Obama’s not buying it. I went to the rally in Unity, NH for Obama and there were more people that showed up than the population of the town.

Too funny that the ladies on ‘The View’, tore McCain a new one. They asked him if he really endorsed the message of his ads as they were lies. Cindy had to come on stage and bail him out, but she wasn’t very convincing. He’s going for women’s votes, but much to his surprise, women are too smart for that!

McCain is appearing at a rainy race at the NH Speedway, & there are still 4,000 tickets available. Great pictures here–tells it all! Saturday Night live was great last night. Sarah Palin was at the podium with Hillary saying that she knew nothing about foreign policy but she could see Russia from her home.

15 09 2008

This is one happy Okie! Ms. Palin & Mr McSame has fooled so few….. Yee – Haw! O-BA-MA!!

15 09 2008

They could have made this look a lot better if they would have held the rally in a high school gym. At least, it would have looked like SOMEONE showed up!!! HaHaHaHaHa!!!!!!! There were probably more people attending the anti Palin rally than this one!!! Landslide for Obama!

15 09 2008

I thought a massive crowd, standing room only with long lines of sign waving supporters in front of the building would be the news of the day. I wondered why the close up shot of Governor Palin without showing the crowd was the chosen photo. Then I fluffed it off and forgot about. Until now! Whenever a sinking church ministry is losing its members, the lights surrounding the perimeters of the church are darkened. This type of lighting is used when a small crowd turns out as it doesn’t show a large, empty room, brightly lit. There is no way that 2,000 people showed up. There ARE more people at the Anti-Palin Rally. Talk about a picture that speaks a thousand words.

16 09 2008
Jennifer 2

Again, after looking at the “Anti Rally”, there’s just no comparison! This entire campaign has been filled with lies and exaggerations since Sarah, the anti-AK got on board…
We know that McShame’s camp has been exaggerating the attendance numbers.
Let’s HOPE that people act on their choice and VOTE in November.

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