Behold! The McCain Palin “Truth Squad!”

9 09 2008

Sarah Palin in 2008 in front of a 49star flag... Secessionist? Hawaii Hater? Celebrating Alaska's 50th Anniversary of Statehood? This is a job for: The Truth Squad!

The ‘Truth Squad’? Why is it that Republicans love to have these little names? I’ve posted previously about Alaska’s own Don Young and his “A-Team”, and his “Wolf Pack” of lobbyists. For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with Don Young, these are all the lobbyists that get immediately patched through to our Congressman in DCwhen they call the office. These guys are Don’s big guns. The A-Team was referred to as a separate group, but is also a subset of the Wolf Pack. So if you’re on the A-Team, you’re also by default in the Wolf Pack, but if you’re in the Wolf Pack, you’re not necessarily a member of the A-Team.

We’re not only corrupt, we’re silly.

And now, on the national front, we have the McCain-Palin “Truth Squad”, a group of spunky Republicans put together based completely upon party affiliation, and mostly on ovary ownership, to dispel the myths that are circulating about Palin. A couple of these myths had to do with figuring out budget line items and reallocations so it looked, at first, like Palin had slashed funding for special ed, and for homeless teen mothers. She didn’t.

But other things that are supposed to make us feel better on the list include the fact that Palin didn’t actually attempt to force public schools to teach creationism, but that she merely “wouldn’t oppose” teaching creationism in public schools.

And she didn’t actually fire the librarian who wouldn’t agree to ban books. She only tried to fire her. After public outcry, she agreed to let the librarian stay, even though she wasn’t being ‘supportive’. And the list of banned books that’s been circulating? Bogus! We don’t know which books Palin wanted the public librarian to pull from the shelves for content she found offensive.

And most of all, she was NOT officially a member of the secessionist Alaskan Independence Party, even though the Vice Chair said she was, (and called her out on video tape for infiltrating the Republican Party to get elected, while holding the AIP ideals). It was actually her husband that was a member of the secessionist group. She simply gave a supportive speech at their convention this year and told them to keep up the good work.

Don’t you feel better now? Phew! I was worried for a minute, but my mind is put at ease. It’s fortunate that the Truth Squad will be galloping across the land coming to the GOP’s aid. “We’re meeting it head on,” said Brian Rogers, a campaign spokesperson. All right! (fist bump).

Oh, and they dared to accuse her pastor of being a Jew for Jesus. That guy was only invited to speak by her pastor. And why should we care about her pastor, anyway. People shouldn’t be condemned for the views of their pastors. We learned that from Obama and Rev. Wright. We need to focus on what Palin herself believes. She’s just a normal sensible gal who thinks the world is 6000 years old, and that Jesus will come and rapture the faithful during her lifetime.

So knock it off, and quit with all this fringe, liberal, left-wing nutty blogosphere over-reaction, will you? Sheesh.

So, now that you have the Truth, are you pumped, and ready to meet the ‘Squad’?

National Members Of The Palin Truth Squad:

· Former Governor Jane Swift (R-MA)
· Governor Linda Lingle (R-HI)
· Lt. Governor Sean Parnell, (R-AK)
· Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN)
· Congressman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)
· Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV)
· Congresswoman Thelma Drake (R-VA)
· Congresswoman Mary Fallin (R-OK)
· Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC)
· Congresswoman Kay Granger (R-TX)
· Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA)
· Congresswoman Candice Miller (R-MI)
· Congresswoman Sue Myrick (R-NC)
· Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL)
· Congresswoman Heather Wilson (R-NM)
· Jo Ann Davidson, RNC Co-Chair
· Rosario Marin, Former U.S. Treasurer
· Meg Stapleton, Former Aide To Governor Palin
· Kristan Cole, Lifelong Friend Of Governor Palin

State Members Of The Palin Truth Squad:

· Former Lt. Governor Jane Norton (CO)
· State Representative Amy Stephens (CO)
· State Board of Education Member Peggy Littleton (CO)
· State Representative Ellyn Bogdanoff (FL)
· County Commissioner Mildred Fernandez (FL)
· Former Iowa Senate President And Former U.S. Ambassador To The Eastern Caribbean, Mary Kramer (IA)
· State Representative Jackie Walorski (IN)
· State Representative Laura Brod (MN)
· Former GOP State Party Chairwoman And Former State Rep. Barb Sykora (MN)
· Jayne Millerick, Former NH GOP Chair (NH)
· State Senator Jennifer Beck, Honorary Co-Chair NJ Women For McCain-Palin (NJ)
· Assemblywoman Alison Littell McHose, Honorary Vice Chair NJ Women For McCain-Palin (NJ)
· Bergen County Clerk Kathe Donovan, Honorary Co-Chair NJ Women For McCain-Palin (NJ)
· DA Dona Ana County Susana Martinez (NM)
· Former Lt. Gov. Lorraine Bono-Hunt (NV)
· State Senator Barbara Cegavske (NV)
· State Assemblywoman Heidi Gansert (NV)
· Sue Lowden, Nevada GOP Chair (NV)
&# 183; Kay Ayres, OH GOP Vice Chair (OH)
· Betty Montgomery, Ohio Women For McCain-Palin Chair (OH)
· Mary Taylor, Ohio Auditor Of State (OH)
· Margie Hughes, Clackamas County Chair Of Women For McCain-Palin (OR)
· Linda Neace, West Linn Small Business Owner For McCain-Palin (OR)
· Deanna Smith, Women For McCain-Palin Chairwoman (OR)
· Renee Amoore, PA GOP Deputy Chair (PA)
· Joyce Haas, PA GOP Vice Chair (PA)
· State Senator Lisa Baker (PA)
· Diana Irey, Washington County Commissioner (PA)
· Christine Toretti, RNC National Committeewoman and McCain-Palin Pennsylvania Co-Chair (PA)
· Kim Ward, Westmoreland County Commissioner and McCain-Palin Pennsylvania Regional Chair (PA)
· Former First Lady Susan Allen (VA)
· Lori Ann Miller, Young Republican Federation Of VA Chairman (VA)
· Former Lt. Gov. Margaret Farrow (WI)
· Peggy Oban Boze, McCain-Palin Chairwomen For King County (WA)
· Susan McCaw, Former Ambassador To Austria (WA)
· Della Newman, Former Ambassador To New Zealand (WA)

Wow. They’ve got everybody, from Palin’s own Alaska Lt. Governor Sean Parnell, to an RNC co-chair, from members of congress, to former ambassadors to nations in the southern hemisphere. Pretty impressive.

Now they’re all set to handle all those other nasty things people have been saying, head on!

I bet they’ll dispel all those horrible claims about her stand on global warming, reproductive rights, troopergate, promoting people who talk nice on Fox News, getting paid to stay at home, intimidating staff, raising taxes, not properly funding troopers, her actual executive experience, her real position on bridge to nowhere, the state of the small town where she was mayor, and being called the Queen of Earmarks! They’ll really clear the air. Right guys??

Right, Squad?




Maybe they’re already on the “Straight Talk Express”?


How to Get Promoted in PalinWorld.

9 09 2008

Immediately after Palin was selected as John McCain’s running mate, the campaign began singing her praises about ‘executive experience’, and also her experience as “commander-in-chief” of the Alaska National Guard. VoteVets reminds us what happened next.

But the reality of the situation–that Palin actually had little to do with the National Guard quickly became apparent. In fact, the idea was undercut severely by comments made by the actual commander of the Alaska National Guard–its Adjutant General, Major General Craig Campbell. When that happened, it eventually turned into somewhat of a national joke, culminating in the humiliation of McCain/Palin campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds on CNN when he tried to promote Palin’s “foreign policy” experience during the Republican National Convention.

But suddenly–and strangely–the commander of the Alaska National Guard, Major General Campbell, changed his story. By the end of the convention, he was praising Palin’s experience, talking on TV about how she had taken control of Alaska’s National Guard operations and how she was a “great” leader.

(**Mudflats Warning – Get your toothbrush ready. This one’s going to make your teeth hurt.)

Interestingly enough, Palin promoted him with his third star–to the rank of Lieutenant General–only three days later.

Essentially, Campbell had been unhelpful to the campaign at the very least. But all of a sudden he became one of Palin’s biggest supporters. And he was then promoted to be one of the two highest-ranking state National Guard officials in the country.

Up until now, we’ve only gotten lessons in how to get fired in Palin’s world. But now, it seems, we know what it takes to move ahead.