Fellow Navy P.O.W. Speaks About McCain.

3 09 2008


In addition to raising important issues of temperament, this also raises health issues that people may not be thinking about. My dad was a P.O.W., and I remember when he got ill during my childhood, my mother quoted his doctor as saying that after going through that experience, he “wouldn’t make old bones”. My dad passed away at 65. John McCain just turned 72.

McCain has said that sometimes he makes rash decisions, and that sometimes they come back to bite him, but he always takes responsibility and lives with the consequences. That’s nice, but what happens when it’s not just McCain, but the world that is asked to live with those consequences?

There has been lots of discussion about John McCain’s judgment in choosing Palin as a running mate. To be honest, I am still amazed that Sarah Palin actually accepted this position in the first place, and what it says about her judgment. I have mentioned before, that many Alaskans, including State Senate President Lyda Green (a long time critic of Palin) have questioned her qualifications to be governor. “She’s in over her head” was a common sentiment on the blog comments in the Anchorage Daily News well before the VP rumors began to swirl.

So, knowing that she was facing investigation, knowing that a significant chunk of Alaskans questioned if she was ‘over her head’, knowing that the media is ruthless in its ‘vetting’ process of candidates, knowing that Alaska is facing some pretty big issues of its own (new pipeline project), and knowing that every waking moment of her time will be spent trying to get up to speed while her family, her friends, and her town are put under a giant magnifying glass…she took it. Knowing that she has 3 school age children, a pregnant unwed teen and a special needs infant that will need a tremendous amount of love and care, she took it. Knowing that she’d only been out of the country once, in 2007, knowing that she held a journalism degree and has no foreign policy background or experience, and knowing that she’d have to be on national television debating Joe Biden, she took it. Knowing that historically, she has a statistical 1 in 3 chance of being the president of the United States by succession, not including the four bouts with skin cancer and the P.O.W. factor, she took it.

Would you have taken it? I’m guessing that most of us would think, “Are you kidding? No way!” And we would be right, and prudent, and we would be putting our country first.




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3 09 2008

FANTASTIC !!!!! Thank you !!!! this is the real deal ..

3 09 2008

This totally fits with what we know about PTSD. Long-lasting health and mental health consequences.

3 09 2008
horrified new yorker

Has anyone else wondered if Gov. Palin EVER holds her own baby?

3 09 2008

Horrified new yorker, I have. I have also noticed that you never see her holding that baby in public. Sitting down for a interview with a magazine isn’t the same. By having the 17 year old holding the baby is she trying to punish her for screwing up her “perfect mom” image?

3 09 2008

And we would be right, and prudent, and we would be putting our country first.

Based on my reading, “prudence” is not Palin’s middle name, nor is she the type to put country above personal ambition. Or even Alaska, if the AIP stuff is true.

3 09 2008

well said.

3 09 2008

I could not agree with you more! As most do, I have a little seed of fear that this could actually happen, I go from freaking out at this circus, the lies, the spin, the distaste of it all, to glee that of course this means Obama will be our next president. I have followed Palin closely as most Alaskans do, its been one ridiculous thing after another. we have so many good, committed people here who have been bitten by her sting. I just cannot understand why she would do this other than for the personal gain. The facts are all there – she is a huge fake.

3 09 2008

I’m concerned about Palin’s affiliation with this separatist group the Alaska Independence Party.

What do you know about this group?

3 09 2008

McThuselah/Palinpalooza 08

Don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

3 09 2008
Jim S.


From a ‘Nam Vet who while holding All who are captured and held in great respect, I understand the Nature of War All the rest go through, especially as to those brothers and sisters who don’t survive the Wars!

I Salute your Father and sad he didn’t live longer and even sadder that the Flag Wavers never really give the Respect Due to those that Serve, hold the memories close!


I placed this in the other post, so don’t know if you caught it:


Suggestion AKM:

You placed this above: “tuesday,
I can’t advertise on this version of WordPress… Thanks for the suggestion, though.

Well with your Humor, your Writing, and All that is happening you might consider opening up an account at ‘Cafe Press’: http://www.cafepress.com/ or do a search around and find another where you can design and sell All Kinds Of Merchandise, like you also say you Alaskans got ‘Stevens’ coming as well and this Palin mess will keep on giving. You got the pics to use and the quick short descriptions.

You at least deserve a few duckets off of this and the traffic!

That way all you need is the link, you could throw a few pics of items into the posts. Don’t think Anyone Would Mind!
Had a couple more thoughts on same under it, but one more. If you know anyone local who can produce more than just ‘bumper stickers’ and ‘t-shirts’ you’d be able to get a bigger cut than an online service offers.

3 09 2008

May we crosspost this entry?

3 09 2008
Jim S.

TheraP :

I’m a looooooong time Activists on Combat PTSD, but PTSD can and is found in the civilian populations, anyone who lives through a traumatic experience can develop PTSD and especially civilian populations in occupation theaters!

An online friend, someday I’ll meet her in person, just been to busy, started her research, with others, only a couple of years ago, because of these present occupations, she had never thought about PTSD. And one of the things we Veterans, and some civilians, who are activists on this and other subjects have been trying to do is Educate the People about Combat PTSD and PTSD. You might want to visit her site here: http://ptsdcombat.blogspot.com/ and join into the education and understanding of. There are other sites and study material, but Ilona’s is a great start.

3 09 2008

I am doing my part to spread word around the ” internets ” about this wonderful and important blog.
I have placed it on all my blogger blogs and also on my wordpress blog.
Keep up the good and important work.

3 09 2008
Jim S.

I also have a number of links, on PTSD and more, at my site, just cursor over my name and click.

3 09 2008

My marine unit suffered horrendous casualties. The number of dead very nearly equalled the number of wounded. I have no doubt that most of the dead would willingly spend any number of years in the Hanoi Hilton if they could have come home alive. I am now 68. I went to college, graduate schools, had a wonderful family, made a good living, been a political activist for 40 years. I dont drink like a fish any more. The nightmares and flashbacks have pretty well ceased………but more frequently than I like I feel like I will never get through the day without exploding. I live in fear of nightfall. I worry constantly about what I might become as old age and possibly dementia set in.

God knows, I have a wealth of experience but it would be insane to install me in the oval office. McCain’s experience might serve us well but it has a huge downside.

3 09 2008

Hey. It took this Palin circus to discover your blog. It’s good to find a reasonable voice in the murky Alaskan political world. As a fellow Alaskan (Sitka), I say keep up your fantastic writing.

3 09 2008

Back to the issues. Re Gov Palin as VP choice: Recruiting 101 for any position: beware of the “halo” effect. Meaning, if you think someone is great because they’re just like you, you’re in trouble. (McCain saying Palin is “my soul mate” we think alike, etc). This strategy offers no wider support than you’re own thinking. Impulsive and reactive, just more of the same. http://www.patriciabright.wordpress.com

3 09 2008

@ Jim S.

As a retired LPN who worked for the V.A on the Psychiatric Wards
for almost 22 years, your link to the very important blog about
our Veterans and Suicide is a very important one.
I urge all who read MUDFLATS to have a look at Jim’s link
and try to urge your individual State Reps to help do something
about our returning Veterans who so desperately need our help.

Thank you Jim. Link placed in BlogRoll.
Hope it helps.

3 09 2008
Jim S.

“I dont drink like a fish any more.”

Neither do I, and knock on wood I don’t suffer the same from ‘Nam that you do nor did I go through the same experiance. Though know many who didn’t all these years and as ‘shock and awe’ hit their memories came rushing back, probably because We Knew What Was Coming Next, and now we’re into the 6th year.

My Thoughts and Prayers are with you Brother, those around you will be the strength you might need at certain times.


3 09 2008

Okay this just keep getting better and better. This just up on First read:

From NBC’s Aram Roston
ANCHORAGE, AK — A key witness in the Alaska State Senate Ethics investigation of Gov. Palin has backed out of testifying today, the state senator in charge of the investigation tells NBC News. The senator — Democrat Hollis French — says Frank Bailey’s decision not to testify will slow down the “Troopergate” investigation into the current candidate.

The investigation centers on whether Gov. Palin abused her power when firing her commissioner of Public Safety Walt Monegan in July 2008. Monegan maintains he was fired, for not firing another man in his command — Alaska State Trooper Mike Wooten — Gov. Palin’s ex-brother in law who, years earlier, went through a messy divorce with her sister.

Frank Bailey, a member of Palin’s administration, was caught on tape in August 2008 on a phone call with another trooper in which he questioned why Wooten was still on staff, seemingly speaking on behalf of Palin. The release of this tape proved embarrassing for Palin, who was forced to backtrack on her earlier statements, in which she had maintained neither she, nor her family, nor staff, ever pressured Monegan or anyone else to fire Wooten.

Bailey was put on paid leave from the administration following the release of that tape.

Since becoming the VP nominee, Palin has challenged jurisdiction of the ethics investigation. Bailey cites that jurisdictional uncertainty as his reason for not testifying.

State Sen. French says no one in the investigation, including Bailey and Gov. Palin, was subpoenaed to testify because all had previously agreed to cooperate voluntarily.


3 09 2008

I’ve had a lot of requests to talk about the Alaskan Independence Party. I’ll try to get something up later today. And then there’s the convention speech tonight. More coffee!

3 09 2008

I came upon this yesterday. Here is a link to a web site connected to this video. They are asking all to spread the word.


3 09 2008
Jim S.

“More coffee!”

you Really know how and when to Add abit of Humor into the Mix, you should write Books or maybe Comedy ;c]

3 09 2008

I’ve long wondered if McCain’s Vietnam experience was yet another reason not to vote for him. Far from making him more qualified, I think it makes him less qualified for the physical and psychological reasons stated in the video. McCain’s temperament has long been at issue. It’s one thing to have some fire in your belly; it’s quite another for the fire to spill over into the room and set the house on fire.

3 09 2008

She didn’t know what she didn’t know. I wonder if she talked to anyone other than her husband about this. I guess she doesn’t know any elder statesmen or women who could have told her the truth. I have a cousin who was being recruited by the Conservative Party in Canada to run for a federal position–my older brother, who had a senior bureaucratic appointment in the federal government, painted a picture for him of what his life would be like. The cousin is an alcoholic, in a bad marriage, and with a big mouth. My brother straightened him out about what living in a fishbowl is like and what it would mean for him and his family.

3 09 2008

thanks!! AK
i think some info should go those msm outlets listed on the other roll.
they have talked a little about AIP, but they need language and info.
they are lazy, let’s help them.

3 09 2008

It is so obvious that McCain is doing everything he can to bury this investigation, or atleast impede the process until after the election. If they win the election, this thing will be buried for sure. I dislike him more and more everyday.

3 09 2008

My Tea and Mudflats time..Thanks for keeping us all in the loop.

3 09 2008

AKM – You nailed it.
POW experience is not a qualification.
It says SOMETHING about a man’s character, but what does it say?
He stood up to torture but was broken like anyone else.
He endured, but is that heroic?

This experience has not cemented his position on torture; he has changed his mind on it. What does that say?

I think 73 is old to start a job like this, no matter what your health background.

I look for good judgment in a candidate.

Maybe Palin’s role in this will be to draw attention away from his lackluster campaign and questionable judgment, and sink his aspirations in a way that leaves him a little dignity and the implication that it was her fault, and not his.
(Darned media.)

Thats fine with me, as long as they lose.

So thanks proud fiery maverick American war ‘hero’ but no thanks.
(Your cynical affirmative action pick didn’t work out like you planned.)

3 09 2008

TheraP (09:54:50) :

This totally fits with what we know about PTSD. Long-lasting health and mental health consequences.

Yep,TheraP. I think so.

Below is my post on Mudflats’s Blog on the “Sarah Palin’s Vetting Problem” thread on Sunday, August 31st. at 20:27:41.

I am re-posting it here where AKM has now put up this now incredibly pertinent Phil Butler PTSD Video Commentary thread based upon McCain’s explosively rash choice of a VP running mate. I am also a military veteran of that era and amazingly in all this current turmoil I can honestly say I met Phil Butler about ten years ago and spent several days with him. Amazingly I had not thought of him IN YEARS until I saw footage on TV Friday night of McKean’s psychologically striking introduction of Sara Palin on DAY ONE at Falconi Field (now called Consol Energy Park) in nearby Washington, PA to where I live!

Those of you that read my other post on that same thread (HamletsMill (01:46:01) of my PSYCHOANALYSIS of McCain based upon my knowledge of Falconi Field may be interested in this video that has just appeared on YouTube of the same event.

(BTW the people in blue “T” shirts were protesters)

This was indeed how I figured he entered the Stadium…at the “Dylan Gate”!

This was my first post on the “Sarah Palin’s Vetting Problem” on 08/31/08 at 20:27:41. As far as I am concerned this guy mongoboo’s post from Huffington Post TOTALLY NAILED IT and is worth GREAT STUDY and THOUGHT by everyone here to try to determine the true psychological processes in play and consequently how they will drive the present and future course of events. Because if this is a true insight to this situation, then EVERYTHING IS COMPLETELY OUT OF PSYCHOLOGICAL CONTROL and is now playing out on a terrible national stage in World History. OMG!


Post from HamletsMill (20:27:41) :

Like many here I also am very glad I found this astounding blog on Saturday after I heard the incomprehensible McCain VP choice announcement on Friday and started searching for information. I was completely dumbfounded when I heard the news.

A poster named “MONGOBOO” posted this outstanding post on HuffingtonPost tonight. I think this is the best analysis of what is really going on that anyone has yet written. I am sending it to every person I can and crosslinking it everywhere I can. Please do the same.



“Actually Palin is a predictable choice based on John McCain’s residual PTSD behaviors. Which makes him totally unfit to serve as President. Here are the behaviors that I see that are consistent with long untreated PTSD.

From Wikipedia/PTSD search:

1) Inappropriate rage (well documented).

2) Memory Loss. Many video examples. (Do you remember his Iraq trip and corrections by Lieberman?)

3) Social impairment. Unable to communicate and read communication of others. Verified by his strange sense of humor an oblique statements like “Soulmate” for Palin.

4) Emotional isolation and poor social judgment- presented as a positive “Maverick” image by the “old” media making us all defacto co-dependents.

5) Addictive behaviors.- In McCain’s case, sexual addiction. Validated by his broken sexual boundaries after his return from captivity. His destructive behaviors and denial with his wrecking of his first marriage. And extensive reliance on sexualized women as rescuers. i.e. Cindy and now Ms. Palin.

6) Risk taking behaviors- Palin’s choice is very risky on many levels and we are expected to approve of his risk taking and accept it as normal by the media again making us co-dependents. In essence a political shock doctrine depriving the electorate of “rational footings” to judge from. Thank you Naomi!

This is a sad day for the media. It has sold out America.

McCain is an obviously unstable personality that exhibits many of the traits of impairment from PTSD.”

This is what I wrote as a followup comment:

“Excellent post mongoboo!

You have done us all here on HuffPo a very gracious favor by doing this analysis. I am going to send the permalink of your post to everyone I know. This man is impaired. Neither the top leadership of the now completely dysfunctional Republican Party nor the MSM will intervene. They made us all enablers of the psychopath GWB once already. I will NOT go through this again. I refuse it. We must ALL now as a nation of sane and rational human beings do a national intervention at the ballot box on November 4th, 2008 to COMPLETELY END THIS NOW for the future of our children and grandchildren. Every voter is now a psychiatrist. We must do a national intervention as citizens.”

3 09 2008

can’t wait to hear all the dirt on the AIP american haters club !!!! Can’t wait ..

3 09 2008

Rene – Thanks for the milk-through-the-nose laugh (McThuselah/Palinpalooza 08—priceless!)

Mudflats – Thanks for the fix and good luck keeping up with this soap opera.

3 09 2008
in a valley further south

thanks again AKM, i’ve been all over the internet for the last four days following this Palin story and this is the first time that the war and the
evangelical points are linked together.

this will be posed by me in as many places as I can find today.

thank you for the work you are doing.

3 09 2008

The scenario originally posted over the weekend remains true, despite the Republicans’ claims to the contrary. Sarah Palin was not vetted at all. The McCain campaign chose her out of panic and only because she agreed to take the job after Lieberman folded and every other logical candidate removed themselves from contention in order to plan their own 2012 election strategies.

DO NOT FEAR the Republican MSM predictions of an evangelical Christian backlash, for that is merely their standard pronouncement when they are cornered. Pay no attention to compromised media polls of ‘likely voters’, for these are based on a paradigm of the past and say nothing of the future. Recall how Rove and the Republicans claimed that they won 2004 only because they managed to motivate the 4 million evangelicals who didn’t vote in 2000. There are no more millions of evangelicals to motivate this time, but there are millions and millions of concerned and motivated voters, rich and poor, young and old, who will vote in this election for the first time ever, and they are voting for Obama and for change.

3 09 2008

Whopps! Sorry about the “McKean’s” typo! Freudian slip! “McKean Ave” is the Main Street in my town. I guess I have been severely disoriented for six days now.

3 09 2008

I have not seen any mention yet ( If anyone has, I apologize) of the CNN / Palin debacle the other night when Campbell Brown was interviewing McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds. I just posted this on my blog.


3 09 2008

I too know someone who was a POW. He never, I mean never talks about his experiences with us. My uncle, one of the GIs liberating a concentration camp in Germany, never talked about it with us. I watched the Republican convention last night. The parading of those veterans shocked me.

3 09 2008

McCain is a MORON for canceling tonight’s Larry King Live interview. He must have forgotten that WE THE PEOPLE will determine whether or not he gets elected. I will NOT vote for a President who REPRIMANDS freedom of speech.

I will say this…. CNN has my devoted attention for being the ONLY network to ask the hard questions. I hope ALL the readers who are reading this tune into CNN to support free speech.

3 09 2008

Truly powerful video. Thank you Mr. Butler.

Very, very creepy to think of these two wack jobs on the same ticket …..

3 09 2008
Palmdale, CA

Don’t you think perhaps Lieberman might prefer THIS clip not surface? It’s his intro of Obama at a Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner in CT.


3 09 2008
portland oregon native

This is the best blog around.
Thanks for keeping us in the lower 48 up to date.
FYI, I have been sending your blog address to everyone I know!

3 09 2008

Jim S.

I’m a psychologist. I’ve worked with Vets with PTSD (in the past, Vietnam Vets) and with many civilians with it as well.

Thanks for the link. But I’ll probably pass at this point. I’m semi-retired now.

Once we have national healthcare, no one, but no one, will need to prove a history of this or that to get healthcare! That’s my focus. Health care for all!

In addition to the Constitution and the Rule of Law – for all.

3 09 2008

wow….awesome post. I am so glad I discovered your blog. I’ll post this video on my blog and link back to you.

I am truly scared of what will happen to this country if McCain/Palin are elected.

3 09 2008

Still, the Republican Party is working on the angle that McCain is the most maverick, macho and rugged candidate – which means what exactly? McCain would win a wrestle mania style federal election if American elections were contested in cages?


I would never hit someone with a hockey stick, unless of course, we were playing hockey. Then I swing at anything that moves.

3 09 2008

I live in illinois – and while we are a so-called “blue state”, i grew up in the firmly Republican entrenched county of DuPage…loved Reagan…even liked Bush jr for a while. I try to remain educated on policies and issues… maintaining a neutral stance until I feel I have enough information to make a sound decision – and love to have found this site!! I continue to be amazed at the comparisons in experience (as if they actually relate), as well as the arrogance of McCain’s campaign railing against the media for the vetting of Palin. So hypocritical! While waiting for all facts to come in – looks more and more like a vote for Obama on this one for me!

That said – I just received an automated call from “VOTER ROLL CALL”, asking questions about – believe it or not – vice presidential candidates. The survey began by asking about Joe Biden (“is he an asset or liability to Barak Obama”, etc.), then sarah Palin (same questioning for John McCain), even asked questions on the pregnancy of her daughter (is it a question for just the family, or for the public…personal opinion – you want to roll out the entire family for the public to see in an open forum such as a national, including the husband-to-be, then you should expect opinions to be espoused about judgement, parenting skills, policy positions such as assistance for unwed mothers and sex education, etc. How can you not expect that????) Last question – If you were to bet today… who would bet would be the next President of the United States? It was a very interesting call!!

My thought here is that McCain’s campaign is making these calls to get the pulse of the public… I can’t think of any other reason for a survey such as this to begin now… and having calls made to otherwise Republican households!!??!! Hmmm… the begining of the end?

3 09 2008

I don’t understand why Palin accepted the VP nomination knowing that her daughter was pregnant and that her family would be under intense scrutiny. Did she think that no one would find out? Did she think it wouldn’t matter? Whatever the case, that is one of the things that bugs me most about this whole thing – even more than her being wholly unqualified.

3 09 2008
sick of hypocrisy

I want to know when this is going to be discussed openly. I saw it mentioned ONCE on MSNBC and then they shut it up forever.

Hey – Cindy McCain’s patriotism may be unquestionable, but her loyalty to the sick and needy that she was supposedly helping…..well, that’s another story. This is sick. Stealing meds from a charity? It really really sickens me. She and Rush ought to have run on the ex-addict ticket. HEY – they can claim the moral authority like Palin! We KNOW first hand about drug addiction and so you can’t criticize anything we do (while we throw addicts in prison and deny them treatment right and left – but don’t criticize – we’re THEM!!)


3 09 2008

Read the comments, please.

# 2…”Berta writes:
Quite a conundrum, eh Jack? A) He replaces her and looks like the foolish, impulsive, misogynistic goofball that he is. B) He keeps her and he looks like the foolish, impulsive, misogynistic goofball that he is. I vote for all of the above and then I’m voting for Obama and Biden!”

Should McCain consider replacing Palin?


3 09 2008

couldn’t agree more about Sarah Palin taking the job – and I’m amazed more commentators aren’t, well, commenting about this. it clearly shows that she has a raging ego/alarming desire for power. I love the way the Republicans have tried from the off to portray her as being ‘different’ from the old Washington types, when clearly in all her business dealings and behaviour, she’s shown herself to be just as ruthless and self-serving as all the other right-wingers in the ‘old boys’ network she derides.

3 09 2008

ALASKA IS IN THE TOILET now with bad publicity thanks to the MASSIVE EGO of Palin.

3 09 2008
sick of hypocrisy

and McCain helped to cover it up.

be sure to read both pages at salon.com


I want to know when this is going to be discussed openly. I saw it mentioned ONCE on MSNBC and then they shut it up forever.

Hey – Cindy McCain’s patriotism may be unquestionable, but her loyalty to the sick and needy that she was supposedly helping…..well, that’s another story. This is sick. Stealing meds from a charity? It really really sickens me. She and Rush ought to have run on the ex-addict ticket. HEY – they can claim the moral authority like Palin! We KNOW first hand about drug addiction and so you can’t criticize anything we do (while we throw addicts in prison and deny them treatment right and left – but don’t criticize – we’re THEM!!)


3 09 2008

So now McAncient is deriding the Old Boys Network ( isn’t he like a charter member?) for questioning Palin’s past and cancelled his appearance on the Larry King show to protest the unfair treatment of women in the media. This woman is a relative unknown on the national scene – he would have been wise to ask some questions of his own before choosing her.

So are we to now believe that crusty old McCain who tossed aside his disabled first wife for a rich young rodeo queen, who called that same trophy wife a c**t and laughed when one of his supporters called Hillary a beeyotch, is now some kind of advocate women’s rights. That’s rich.

3 09 2008
Parker CA

Perhaps this has already been linked somewhere in these blogs, but it seems there is an Edward’s issue in AK.

John McCain’s campaign threatened legal action against the National Enquirer today for running a story about McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin, allegedly having an affair with her husband’s business partner.

“The smearing of the Palin family must end. The allegations contained on the cover of the National Enquirer insinuating that Gov. Palin had an extramarital affair are categorically false. It is a vicious lie,” said McCain senior adviser Steve Schmidt.

“The efforts of the media and tabloids to destroy this fine and accomplished public servant are a disgrace. The American people will reject it.”

The Enquirer also alleges that Palin unjustly fired a public safety official while she was governor of Alaska, but the story is based entirely on unnamed sources. The Enquirer has also paid sources in the past to speak with them, something mainstream media outlets do not do.


3 09 2008

The word we need to employ is ‘narcissism.’ She took the offer because she is a narcissist. Certain politicians, feminists, environmentalists, evangelicals, preachers, spiritualists etc. suffer from this afflication (whole cultures even) , but some become leaders because instead of saying “Look at me! Look at me!” they say “Look at yourselves! Look at yourselves!”

I think that’s what distinguishes Obama. It’s the “something” that people have recognized, and the “something” that is so painfully absent from the McCain/Palin ticket. It’s called leadership. He’s the one who said that this election “is not about me, it’s about YOU.”

3 09 2008

Afflication? Sorry, affliction. (maybe a new word?)

3 09 2008
Republicans for Jed Clampett

I’m curious to see what his homie, Alasdair Swanson, thinks about his candidacy.

And this article is definitely worth reading about:

It’s rather interesting how superficial McCain is. How he was crazy about her when she wasn’t available, how he thought about her while he was a POW and wanted out when he saw she wasn’t the fit and trim bride he married. No love.

What a jerk. What in the F happened to ‘For better or for worse.’ Maybe his version is ‘For better or worse, as long as you are still HOT.’

3 09 2008
Cynthia, TX

This is on the front page of Yahoo oh my!!!!


3 09 2008
David Bgwood

The sad truth to remember is that Texas a few years back had a poor gov. He took the position with a surplus in the state coffers and then with poor managemnet left the state in debt. The state ranks near the bottom in folks with health insurance, amount spent on education, mass transport, etc. Yet he was then elected presedent. What he did for Texas he has now done for the whole country.

Just because Palin would be a disaster for the country doesn’t mean folks won’t vote for her. Given the proper spin by the right-wing media the rest of the right will fall in behind. Just take a look at the gushing praise she is receiving from lots of powerful commentators.

3 09 2008

Urgh… You guys have been trying this one for a long time…

Are those body casts fake or is it just your Vietnam veteran just a phoney? No wonder he hasn’t been on the news, no one, not even MSNBC or CNN could trust his credibility.

3 09 2008

the Democratic Party is a lot like a box of chocolates; you’re never sure where the nuts are – whereas the Republican Party is a lot like a chocolate fudge sundae, they tend to put the biggest nuts right on top.


I would never hit someone with a hockey stick, unless of course, we were playing hockey. Then I swing at anything that moves.

3 09 2008

I think this a joke being played on the American public. Mrs. Palin is really Tina Fay. Insanity of a cancer patient and a AK-47 Mama who hunts wolves from helicopters. Go Republicans that is the strongest ticket you have? The Mitt Man is pretty, the ex Mayor of New York doesn’t make much sense, Mike Huckster Huckabee has a wife that looks like Kate Smith incarnate and Joe Man what a monotone voice you have, I am going to sleep. Vote for the sensible one Obama!!!

5 09 2008
Les Atkins

The background on this has been out on the net already…. says he was paid $50K to make a video that would portray McCain in a negative light. Off the record, he says he admires McCain a great deal and that he would probably make a fine President. So unfortunately, I don’t think this will be effective at all.

6 09 2008

I think it’s despicable for retired army Colonel Earl Hopper to be ratting out John McCain for helping the North Vietnamese to set up defensive positions for future air raids and escape routes of U.S. Navy bombers. There’s an unwritten, but well understood, rule amongst soldiers that “what happens in POW camps stays in POW camps,” and Hopper knows this rule very well. To bring up McCain’s collaboration with the enemy 35 years ago and reveal that the Vietnamese nickname for him was “Songbird”, now that he’s running for the Presidency, is truly playing dirty tricks Obama style. People who have never been in such a situation think that everyone can be a Jack Bauer character like on the TV show 24 and withstand all sorts of torture. John didn’t want to go through all this torture and, knowing he would eventually talk, simply avoided the torture and told them what they wanted to know before hand. He’s not the only one, I can assure you, and I don’t think that it should disqualify him from running for the Presidency.

10 09 2008

Thank you so much. I was just banned from a Gannet website for saying essentially, what you just said so eloquently.

He is now play acting and in the hands of his handlers. If he is elected, which I doubt, but given Bush was reelected in 2004, anything could happen.

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