A Photo Safari of Wasilla, Alaska – Home of Sarah Palin. » valley-51

I think we need to have a write your own caption contest on this one.



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2 09 2008
Canadian Paul

Wasilla Heritage Days – Thursday

8:30 Pancake breakfast
10:00 Children’s Entertainment with Elky the Clown
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Nap time
3:00 Moose patty toss
4:00 Quilting B
5:00 Caribou BBQ & You
7:00 Palin Death Race
8:00 Public screening of “Every Which Way But Loose”
10:00 Fireworks (from Houston)

2 09 2008

In this week’s episode of “PTA-Proud Teachers Angered,” Governor Palin of Team Abstaining Creationists takes on Joe Normal of Team Rational Adults.

The first leg of the Death Race begins with TAC falling behind as Governor Palin’s the Hypocritical Express launches over an out-of-wedlock teen daughter and snaps a drive train.

TRA catches a huge advantage as the gates open to the Are You Eff’ng Kidding Me? shortcut and Joe Normal dodges some Keep My Family Out of It spikes.

Never fear Team Abstaining Creationists, as the “Commander in Chief” orders the Alaska National Guard to set demolitions in front of Joe Normal’s path.

Tune in next week when Death Race continues with a surprise foreign relations trip to Russia!

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