A Photo Safari of Wasilla, Alaska – Home of Sarah Palin. » valley-16

Denali (or “Mt. McKinley to lower 48ers). This area is filled with spectacular natural beauty. Here, in the Upper Susitna Valley, they just call it “the mountain”.



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2 09 2008

Wow, that’s bee-yoo-tee-ful! Here in Portland OR we have our own “the mountain,” (Mt Hood,) but we also have our “the spilled ice cream cone.” (Mt St Helens) Heh heh…

2 09 2008

I took you up on your offer… I personally wanted to thank you for investing your own personal time to provide substance to this story… Your photo’s quite nicely capture the essence of Wasilla … Give your significant other (I forget what you called them) a hug, and let them know that I appreciate their contribution as well. From my own experience, there must have been some funny arguments that took place in that care which we’ll never, ever, know about…..

2 09 2008
Mountain Out Of A Molehill…..Alaska Style… « kavips

[…] Palin, Women’s Prerogative, credibility, ethics, fact checkers, women’ rights Photo Courtesy of Mudflats A Photo Safari of Wasilla, […]

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