Reaction to Palin’s Nomination from State Rep. Mike Doogan.

31 08 2008

Here’s a great reaction to the Palin nomination from Alaska State Representative Mike Doogan:

…But debating foreign policy with Joe Biden? What’s she going to do? Hit him with her briefing book? If Palin has two thoughts about foreign policy, she’s managed to keep them to herself. Ditto health care. National energy policy. Fiscal policy. You could make a long, long list, but I’ll stop there. She’s going to need a lot of handlers feeding her a lot of talking points, and she’s going to have to hope that the discussion only goes about yay-deep.

She’s also going to have to hope that the national media is as pliable as Alaska’s has been. Palin doesn’t like people criticizing her, and she’s as competitive as any linebacker you ever met. If the campaign gets a little rough and tumble, that could be a bad combination.

So she could be great as a candidate. Or so so. Or blow up on the pad. But if the McCain-Palin ticket should win? Yikers. There’s no way on God’s green earth that she’s prepared to be president of the United States. The only consolation for me is remembering that J. Danforth Quayle once held the job she’s trying to get, and the world didn’t end.

But Sarah Palin?


Read it all HERE at Alaskan Abroad and check out the rest of the blog for more good info.



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31 08 2008

I’m trying to assimilate all this info and keep tabs on this. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Babygate (is Sarah Trig’s mom or grandma? If she’s his mom, is Bristol pregnant? And married? And if none of it’s true about Bristol where’s the cad who started these rumors?)

Troopergate – so Trooper Wooten is a bummer. But he was punished under the law at the time? Yes? No? And if yes, then the Palin’s and Co. continuing to bring up the issue is where all this turned south for Sarah? Has anything Sarah said on radio or tv about this and the last couple months been directly contradicted by Walt Monegin? Is it really true she gets deposed this week by some special investigator? Is there any other governor in the nation right now under investigation? How normal is it for a governor to be investigated like this? Does it happen a lot and most people just don’t know about it?

Vettingate – I can’t believe McCain only met her twice. This I just simply won’t believe. It can’t possibly be true and it really proves a red herring to divert attention away from other more pertinent questions. No one in their right mind would make a selection for the second most powerful position on earth after two meetings. No one.

Travelgate – back to Trig, if she is the mother, please someone, let’s get the facts and not all the dirt on the return flight from Texas. I’ve heard from friends on the right that she had checked with her doc and it was fine for her to fly.

I understand McCain wanted to keep her as his pick under wraps- but it would have been nice if the McCain team had had a little more info so all these ugly rumors wouldn’t have surfaced right away.

31 08 2008

Thanks for your blogging. Dutch newspapers first commented this unknown lady might be a great move, with respect to the Hillary camp. Wondering who she is, I came across your blog. It leaves me with huge worries, like many of us in Europe (and I know the same of friends from Asia). US elections are always rather frightening to us, because we know what impact the US president has. And we simply can’t understand how it is possible that the Ronald Reagans, George Bushes, Dan Quayles and Sarah Palins get in these positions..
Reading about Palin, what really took me most was the You Tube with the radioshow about Lyda Green. These giggles are unbelievable and rather unbearable. She might have some opinions on whatever subject, but it seems she literally has ZERO content.

31 08 2008

My favorite Doogan line in his ADN piece:

“Her resume is as thin as the meat in a vending machine sandwich.”

Though this bit isn’t bad either:

“The long and short of it is this: We’re not sure she’s a competent governor of Alaska. And yet McCain, who is no spring chicken, has decided she’s the best choice to replace him as president if he should win and then fall afoul of the Grim Reaper.”

Doogan has a way
with words — he got right to it
and kept on going

31 08 2008

Also, in her accpetance speech, Gov Palin, said she was glad to have McCain as her running mate. HER runningmate? SHE is HIS runningmate, big difference, Sarah! I THINK THIS WOMAN HAS HER EYES ALREADY SET ON THE PRES OFFICE.


Thanks John.,


This will blow your mind, but today in a Taiwan newspaper, Chinese language APPLE DAILY,

there is a half page story about the campaign in USA, with photos of Obama and McCain and Joe and Palin, and guess what : read? : there is a b/w photo of Ms Palin about age 22, wearing a toga on left shoulder, naked breast and nipple on right side, 93% naked, Black White photo, in PRINT,,,,,can you believe it? Of course, this is the fake WORLDWEEEKNEWS fake photo on the Net, but for a newspaper in Taiwan to print it in PRINT edition, wow….i have a jpeg of it if you want to see it……..the news article is in Chinese which is still Greek to me, but the photos are readable..

31 08 2008

Babygate – The verdict is still out. Locals seem to be saying Trig is Sarah’s but Bristol is pregnant. Nothing known for sure yet, but it will all come out at some point.

Troopergate – Yes. And yes. Palin said neither she nor any of her family or staff ever pressured anyone to fire Wooten. Monegan said that was not true, and cited many instances. One phone call from a Palin underling pressuring the department about Wooten was even recorded. Various inappropriate contacts happened more than 20 times.

Vettingate – Believe it. I know it’s hard, but believe it. McCain and Palin have both confirmed this is true.

Travelgate – She may have said the doctor approved, but assuming she was pregnant and about to have the baby, water broken, 5th child, high risk pregnancy…I doubt this.

31 08 2008

Great blog! Before this I was solely relying on Jewel lyrics to paint a mental image of Alaska.

31 08 2008

lol, what I am finding hilarious about all this is that my dreams dealing with an odd mixture of politics, Voyager, NCIS, and the movie Stardust are more believable than this Farce that McCain has forced us all to join.

I do feel sorry for Bristol though. No matter if she was, is, or never has been pregnant… She’ll never live this down. It’s not fair to her.

But I do predict that Palin will be ‘bowing down’ (read: forced out) of the campaign soon enough to make way for someone that McCain prefers.

31 08 2008
Fighting Words

Is there also a “Bridgegate?” You know, when she said she disapproved of the “Bridge to Nowhere,” but really approved of it (and kept the money)? She had a lie exposed on her first campaign speech.

31 08 2008
Mad Skillz

Wow – just wow. The mainstream press showed her love, and an Internet blog could be the ruin of the GOP’s White House chances this year.

I friggin’ love it!

Note to Obama staffers: Let this hottie, MILF, GILF, VPCILF self-destruct. Don’t even target her – it won’t even matter. This blog is doing enough for you.

Please, add salt and butter to my popcorn so I can watch this drama unfold in 1080P HD.

31 08 2008
Mad Skillz

Oh yeah – I posted this on another blog here:

Check out that blog about someone meeting Gov and Piper. Look at the pic. I tell you what – that’s a week after she dropped Trig. Either she was never pregnant or I’m Mao Tse Tung.

Your blog rocks – I’m telling all my peeps about this!

31 08 2008

Love the blog. We’ve been researching Palin for the last few days (like everyone else on earth), but it’s great to be able to read ‘local coverage’.

And we agree with Mil about feeling bad for Bristol. Whether any of the rumors are remotely true or not, it sucks for her to have to deal with all of this, especially since she didn’t choose to be in the public eye in the first place.

31 08 2008
Parker CA

Mad – That photo link proves nothing. Her jacket is enormous. The baby-gate rumors need to stop. Right-Wing media is already slamming this as well as many other dem-based sites for attacking her daughter. Nothing good can come from this.

Focus on the other “gates,” as they are plenty to fuel a large conflagration for the repub’s to contain.

31 08 2008

Be careful with all this BabyGate stuff. DOES ANYONE SEE A BIG TRAP!

If Sarah’s 5th child is hers- and her daughter is pregnant-how’s this for a press conference:
“A tearful Mom has to reveal to the whole world that her young daughter is pregnant, because of the Liberal Press and the Evil Bloggers!”

Result: Instant American Heroic Mom and McCain/Palin gain 10 points in the polls!

Karl Rove would be so proud! BE CAREFUL FOLKS!

1 09 2008

Anyone try and access the hospital records where birth was alleged to have occurred. It’s offline now, I already checked yesterday the birth announcements calendar offered on the the site noting that Trigg’s birth was not placed into the system on the day specified.

Today when I went to confirm, and take a snapshot of the page, the entire site is off line. DDOS perhaps?

I hope someone was smart enough to save the page

1 09 2008

I have been an eagle scout, president of my senior class, member of the WV
national guard, and worked on a nuclear submarine base in Georgia and overseas
in the Marshall Ilands. Perhaps Juan McBush will let me serve with him as one
of his secret service agents. I am not currently married, so I have no obligations
to worry about if I should be killed. Honestly, I wouldn’t take a bullet for either
one of the GOP candidates. Wouldn’t be necessary, neither is going to last.
Obama/Biden 08.

1 09 2008
Mad Skillz

@ Parker

Even without this, there’s enough evidence that will come out to sink the GOP’s dream of keeping the White House this time. This blog and the media will vet her – and back to Alaska she goes.

1 09 2008
Parker CA

Mad –

True, however, the baby-gate is the one area that the MSM will take and run like the wind with in assault on the dem’s views of women and traditional family values. Absolutely zero need to fuel the neo-con base into turning this around very dangerously on the dems. I’d be surprised if this isn’t playing out precisely how Rove gameplan envisioned.

No need to muddy those waters. Let the other issues sink her ship on their own.

1 09 2008
Jim S.

Looks Like Many Are Forgetting The Most Important About This ‘BabyGate’ Issue!!

I just placed the following in the previous post but as I see others are commenting here on this as well.

A Woman is either Padding her Resume with a Huge Disregard for her Daughter, she could have already answered this instead of traveling down to Mississippi and the Gulf Coast.

But More Importantly It’s About The ‘Baby’ and Not Only Responsibility but Being A Mother, that she says she is:


BabyGate: You’ve left out the Most Important, that if she actually is the mother.

Actually Two Points: McCain {read rove and company} in picking her apparently see nothing wrong in having a mother of a Special Needs Child, only a few months old, traveling all over the country from city to city town to town…………………., spending hours getting briefed on what she needs to know and the talking points, constant briefings leading to a VP debate, doing all that it would take to help this ticket, which is extensive.

Palin, as a mother of a Special Needs Child also must find nothing wrong with, read above, and add Padding her Resume on the National scene.

Questions are: Who is taking care of this child, and Who is Bonding, in the first months, with the child as a Mother, and add any other Family Value, Real, to this Extremely Indefensible situation.

I would also add, how serious is the childs condition, and if extremely serious, have the doctors given the possibilities of survival and for how long!

Think about that last as you think about Motherhood and Responsibility!!


It also brings up the Vetting issue. Did McCains Campaign even Consider the Baby’s Condition, Vet or No Vet????????????????????

1 09 2008
Jim S.

Parker CA

It’s about the Baby and being a Mother to a Special Needs Baby!!!

And even if this child wasn’t a Special Needs child, Motherhood and the First Few Months of a Baby’s life and the needed bonding, especially as to Child to Mother!!!!!!

It’s Called ‘Family Values’!!!!

1 09 2008
Jim S.

Let me add to above, all I keep seeing is how she flew to Texas than quickly flew to Alaska to have the child after her Water Broke in Texas.

She says she and her husband knew the baby had Downs Syndrom but decided to have the child.

Think about that and about Flying so close to term, and as to what Any Responsible Doctor would Advise!!

But as the mother, she should have already Known!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 09 2008

Bush will lend her his little earpiece with “under the jacket” reception box – always comes in handy in debates.

1 09 2008

Best take on Palin so far (from VF’s James Wolcott):

Feeling no Palin: I’m watching the newest sensation in celebrity eyewear, Sarah Palin, in her debut campaign whistlestop performance w/ John McCain and the impression she creates is distinctly minor league, a pastel shade of sturdy but flimsy. If she were running for Congress, she’d be a perfectly credible, fully accessorized mediocrity, but on the presidential stage she looks like somebody you’d book to introduce the person introducing the person introducing the main speaker–a warm-up act for the warm-up act. Or, to put it another way, she suggests a local-news anchorperson rather than a network host, an acceptable stand-in in a pinch but not a permanent answer to anything.* No bass-note intimation of depth or intellectual reflection emerges from that reedy, unwarm instrument that is her voice, and her call-out to Hillary Clinton had all the insincerity of Eve Harrington extending her bare arm in tribute to Margo Channing….


1 09 2008

Love this blog. Keep up the good work.

Think the key thing with Palin is that McCain didn’t vet her — which is absolutely reckless behavior on his part. The baby issues are interesting, but a distraction.

1 09 2008

Did y’all know about this Alaskan Independence Party….read this Diary…this is worse than any of the gates so far…

1 09 2008

As far as the whole “babygate” issue goes . I find the story of flying back to Alaska while in labor story to be highly implausible. But I think that rather than being a cover up for the daughter , I think the story was more likely a fabrication to make her seem somehow “tough” and “heroic”.
The beast way to make this story resonate with the nutters in the GOP base is to point out how grossly irresponsible it was for her to put her unborn child at risk , and point out that she has no business taking on the job as VP while she has a special needs new born to care for. Use their “family values” schtick against them.

1 09 2008


Did Palin actually say that she got on board the plane after her water broke? Or is this a rumor that she said it? Like Tandy, I just want to make sure I’ve got my facts straight. Flying when a woman is 8 months pregnant (and the woman is 44!) is risky in itself, but I can imagine a doctor allowing it under certain circumstances. But she’s got to have an incredibly incompetant doctor to get the “okay” to get on a plane when she’s in the early stages of labor. Doctor or not, no woman who has any concern for her baby would have done that. It’s reckless endangerment (I watch a lot of Law and Order).

If she said it, she’s got to be lying for dramatic effect. It just doesn’t seem physically possible.

1 09 2008

I also really would like to know what the sources are for the Texas flight story. If it’s anyone but Palin herself who claimed that the governor gave a speech and boarded a flight after her water broke, then I say there’s no story here. It may be someone else’s–not Palin’s–exaggeration. If Palin herself said it, then it’s very strange indeed–an odd thing to brag about, showing stupidity rather than stoicism. Idon’t know who said it, under what circumstances.

1 09 2008

Here is the link to the recorded call when Gov. Sarah Palin’s director of boards and commissions, Frank Bailey, calls a trooper station to complain about Trooper Mike Wooten, Palin’s ex-brother-in-law.

1 09 2008


I’ve read that she copies her husband on state e-mails. Is this true? If so, can you pull a source for it?

1 09 2008

Thank you, “Mudflats” and other contributors here for putting my gut reaction into intelligent words regarding Palin. Seems to me that Alaska’s governor was chosen to win the votes of those who were disappointed that hard working, tough Hilary wasn’t selected as a candidate for Democratic V.P. spot. I think Palin’s selection will turn out to be a cheap shot because she is no Hilary.

1 09 2008

Vetting report from the excellent Talk to Action:

Last week, while the media focused almost obsessively on the DNC’s spectacle in Denver, the country’s most influential conservatives met quietly at a hotel in downtown Minneapolis to get to know Sarah Palin. The assembled were members of the Council for National Policy, an ultra-secretive cabal that networks wealthy right-wing donors together with top conservative operatives to plan long-term movement strategy.

CNP members have included Tony Perkins, James Dobson, Grover Norquist, Tim LaHaye and Paul Weyrich. At a secret 2000 meeting of the CNP, George W. Bush promised to nominate only pro-life judges; in 2004, then-Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist told the group, “The destiny of the nation is on the shoulders of the conservative movement.” This year, thanks to Sarah Palin’s selection, the movement may have finally aligned itself behind the campaign of John McCain.

1 09 2008
independent woman

When I heard this story about the travel on MSNBC I was mortified not only by the story, but by the fact that Andrea Mitchell was beaming over it, like WoW! What a strong woman she is…. It sickened me and I knew she was sketchy. It seemed like a bad TV Movie or “Turbulence 3” to me

Hearing this story is what made me look into just who SP is. So the reporting on “travelgate” came from their PR department and MSM not the liberal dems trying to make a scandal out of it. They were actually lauding her for her strength. Talking about getting caught up in the hype.

I have long ago given up on the hope of MSM telling the real story for quite a while and the free passes McCain gets on his numerous gaffes and idiocy has me nauseated. McCain just softened the blow on Bush Sr. on his DQ pick.

1 09 2008

The “Alaskan Independence Party Gate” is really interesting and the one “gate” that has a real potential. Bridge and Trooper gates are of interest, but will blow over in a week or so. “Babygate” is just too much Kremlinology with all the guesses and maybes than comes with that. But I want to know more about the AIP connection.

1 09 2008
Carol Hussein

Dee and Mruth:

Alaska Daily News article on the amniotic fluid leak. It was also covered in a Wall Street Journal article.

AKMuckraker, thanks for the great and informative blog!

1 09 2008

Just passing along a photo and musical commentary on McCain’s description of his running mate as his “partner and soul mate”

Short and sweet:

1 09 2008

As for ‘babygate’ I think we should stop spreading the rumors, and start yelling at the media….’where were you when Obama was getting smeared for being a so called Muslim and going to a madrassa’ Don’t let the right wing news get away with painting us as evil liberals when they have done nothing in the last year and a half to stop the smears against Obama!

1 09 2008

So, independent woman, let me see if I got this straight. You saw MSNBC report the story of Palin traveling by plane when she was in labor (or at least very close to it)? And Andrea Mitchell reported it? Did she just say she was traveling when she was 8 months along, or go into the water-breaking details? I don’t want to harp on the subject–certainly there are other big problems with McCain’s choice–but if this is all true, then it’s not just her lack of experience that’s frightening. It’s her extremely poor judgement.

1 09 2008

A question from Florida.
Why are the media saying that she has 80% approval in Alaska?
Here are some other opinions.
The Defenders of Wildlife
and here is
Be informed.

1 09 2008

Thanks for the Alaska Independence Party reference. I grew up with Watergate. I wonder if there are any Woodward and Bernsteins around any more? As they say, “When there is a lot of smoke, …..”

The real issue is that McCain had months to find out who dogsits for her. We had 8 years of this rule by gut. Anyway, he has found his “Soulmate”.

We’re happy for you, John!

1 09 2008
Ana Gama

Now we have Dairy-gate?

DairyGate: Sarah Palin and Mystery of Matanuska Maid

The money quote:
“A failing state-run enterprise supported by Alaskan taxpayers ends up reborn as a private enterprise, run by a struggling local businessman and subsidized by Federal taxpayers.”

1 09 2008

lookingglass (06:36:49) :


I’ve read that she copies her husband on state e-mails. Is this true? If so, can you pull a source for it?

Andrew Halcro
Shadow Governor?

1 09 2008

Okay regarding Babygate….

It has been posted by a few people that Trig is in fact Sarah’s baby and that Bristol is pregnant NOW. Well. I think that these pictures of Bristol, posted by non-other than Meghan McCain herself on her own website pretty much show that Bristol Palin IS INDEED pregnant NOW.

I guess this will all come out soon enough, unless they hide her away for a few more months, but I think it’s pretty clear after these pictures what is going on.

Too bad for her, her mother OPPOSES birth control. Maybe she wouldn’t be in this situation.

1 09 2008

Dobson and the wingnuts met in Minn last week to vet Palin.

The Council For National Policy Meets In Minn, Vets Palin
By Max Blumenthal Mon Sep 01, 2008 at 02:48:46 AM EST print story
Last week, while the media focused almost obsessively on the DNC’s spectacle in Denver, the country’s most influential conservatives met quietly at a hotel in downtown Minneapolis to get to know Sarah Palin. The assembled were members of the Council for National Policy, an ultra-secretive cabal that networks wealthy right-wing donors together with top conservative operatives to plan long-term movement strategy.
CNP members have included Tony Perkins, James Dobson, Grover Norquist, Tim LaHaye and Paul Weyrich. At a secret 2000 meeting of the CNP, George W. Bush promised to nominate only pro-life judges; in 2004, then-Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist told the group, “The destiny of the nation is on the shoulders of the conservative movement.” This year, thanks to Sarah Palin’s selection, the movement may have finally aligned itself behind the campaign of John McCain.

1 09 2008

Really great blog that appears to have really caught fire!!! I like your writing, and I admire you in speaking your truth……it is very appreciated. What on earth is going on with McSame’s campaign? I can only believe that Rove is up to something…….Ms. Palin is, quite frankly, frightening…….
Her religion is probably the scariest part of her story, and it has really not been talked about much. I read about her pastors and how they have recordings of their sermons online at their sites. Well, let me tell you, what I heard is equal to or greater that the incriminating stuff Rev. Wright spouted at his church. I mean,,,,fire and brimstone….the world is soon to end and those without God will face SERIOUS consequences. I, for one, do not want a person in the White House who has such freaky ideals…….(oh, wait….>>>)
Again, thanks for a great blog and please keep up the great work, you are helping you country…….doesn’t that sound good….you really are!!

1 09 2008

For those doubting the airplane after amniotic fluid started… here’s a link:

1 09 2008

Too bad for Bristol her mother supports ABSTINENCE ONLY education… guess how that works…

1 09 2008
1 09 2008

They are breaking the news NOW on the networks about the daughter being pregnant…

1 09 2008

Looks like one of the commenters here was right.

Please teach your children about contraception.

1 09 2008

So much for “abstinence only” sex education which Palin touts.

1 09 2008

@Deb –


1 09 2008

I have voted for Hillary Clinton twice in my lifetime. She is a senator of mine. You, madam… are no Hillary Clinton.

1 09 2008

I have lived in a small Wyoming town for the past 13 years and have followed state politics. I am amazed at the similarities between Ak and Wy politics. A friend went to high school with Cheney and can tell you all about his run for student council–Dick hasn’t spent much time in Wyo for a lot of years, but many people love him because of their personal relationships with him.

We have a popular D governor now in his second term but it’s easy to be popular when the state is rolling in dough from energy and minerals (sound familiar?) and your most important pieces of legislation involved reducing taxes (he fought to drop the tax on groceries–against the Republicans in the legislature) and a sweet scholarship program for Wyoming students who get good grades and decide to attend UW. Otherwise, our guv has micromanaged and engaged in petty vendettas against those who didn’t support him for office. Despite all that, he has been good for Wyo, but even with quite a few years of experience running this state, I don’t think he’s ready for a national position–it takes a uniquely talented person to make that jump. If you may wonder how a D gets elected twice for guv of Wyoming when the state is about 60% Republican–most of the R’s are so tight with the oil/miinerals/mining that the wise citizens of this state don’t trust them for guv.

Small state and small town politics under national scrutiny isn’t pretty. We tolerate lots of things–when you don’t have many people to choose from, you know your politicians, warts and all. However, it’s awful when your small state politicians make themselves look foolish on a national stage. I am so thankful that the story about our US Rep threatening to slug her Libertarian opponent during a debate didn’t get much attention the national news when she was running for re-election in 2006. The Libertarian was a man in a wheelchair! Her supporters cheered her toughness for threatening a disabled man. She won re-election by about 1000 votes.
I do think the R party made a mistake by appointing Palin at VP so early in her career. Apparently the GOP saw Palin as a rising star, and she might just need time and mentoring from someone experienced in national politics to improve her ability to delegate and find a way to rise above the soap opera pettiness that characterizes small state politics (bit of advice: don’t laugh at shock jocks who call your opponents vulgar names and make jokes about their health and weight in the most sexist, vile manner!)

1 09 2008
Judy in Chicago

Anyone know more about her church and pastor??? Names please chowderSF..

1 09 2008



Sarah and Todd Palin say their 17-year-old unmarried daughter is pregnant.The couple said in a statement released by John McCain’s presidential campaign that Bristol will keep her baby.

Sarah Palin is McCain’s vice presidential running mate.

The Alaska governor says Bristol intends to marry the father of her child.

She and the campaign also are asking that the media respect the family’s privacy

1 09 2008

Simple question here: Could it be that Trig is adopted then? We still have no proof Palin, the Trophy running mate, was pregnant or gave birth. So who is this baby that got carried across the country on two flights – when a mother to be didn’t even look pregnant or in labor to the airline personnel?

1 09 2008

If she wanted the media to respect their privacy, she should have had the decency to decline the offer of VP. What kind of a parent is she? I can’t imagine that the RNC will allow her to continue on as VP.

1 09 2008
Across the Pond

This site seems to have scooped everyone with what “Sue Williams” put in the comments to earlier posts. Pretty tough to deny “Sue’s” credibility now. She had Babygate straight all along.

Keep up the good work.

1 09 2008

Found this through google using the terms Palin’s church and pastor. Makes Obama’s pastor problem seem minor.

1 09 2008

Most interesting: This is how carefully Mrs. Palin was vetted:

From the Lifestyle channel »
McCain VP confusion; Staff had Canadian actress Sarah Polley in Dayton hotel for three days 2008/ 08/ mccain-vp-confusion-staff-had-canadian….

By J. Thomas Duffy Sources tell The Garlic today, that the staff of Senator John McCain was so confused over the choice of his Vice Presidential pick, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, that they had mistakenly flown award-winning Canadian actress Sarah Polley to Dayton, Ohio, and had her in a hotel for three-days, awaiting the planned announcement. Polley was said to have been “very surprised” with being chosen by McCain, especially with her long time political activism, and that she is a member of the New Democratic Party in Canada.

2 days ago

1 09 2008

Palin was a GOP ruse all along!!!!

They knew her skeletons, they were just using her! They will now have her bow out, due to the HARSH LEFT-WING criticism, and will replace her with Romney, who they wanted all along!

They now have cred with the fundies, some stupid women who think vagina’s are interchangeable and will fight back on the “no experience” meme about Palin with Romney’s resume!!!

Think, people!!!! THINK LIKE ROVE!!!!!!

1 09 2008

Looks like she just blew up on the pad.

1 09 2008

I have to agree, I would love to see a women in the White House, even as a Vice President. But, with her lack of experience beyond the state level, I too am very leary if somthing happened and she took over as President. My gosh, she could be great, but all likely hood we be worse off than we are now. Gee, why don’t we just hand the White House to the Democrats. I guess since McCain has not had to prove himself to the American public, lately and the race was a shoe in for him on the Republician side, he just wanted a women to pose as his poster girl.

1 09 2008

Oh Wait – I’ve had a revelation from the Almighty! This should help everyone get a handle on what went down when this Palin chick got nominated! To wit:

MCain to his wife early one morning: “Honey, you’ve got all that money, and I’ve done my time. Do I HAVE to keep working? All my friends are retired – or dead. I want to have some fun now. Can I? Can I? Huh? Puleeeeease!.”
Cindy – “Well, OK honey. But you have to do it honorably. You promised all those rednecks you’d take Obama down. You have to at least try.”
McCain- “But you know I kind of like the skinny little guy. He sure can speak better than Georgie. And he promised he won’t take ALL the guns. And I don’t want to clean up after Georgie. What a huge mess THAT will be. There’s no winning in Iraq after the mess he started. The next president will look bad no matter what! I just can’t take any more Anne Coulter! God what a tart!”
Cindy – “Well, honey, you’ll figure it out. Maybe a pro-life woman who no one’s heard of. Get a real doozie and the people will figure out you really don’t want to win.”
McCain – “THAT’s IT! I met this dingbat from Alaska the other day. She’s dumb enough to bite! I’ll ask HER! Sarah Palin!”
Cindy – “Are you sure? I think Palin is Inuit for ‘throwing in the towel.’ People might figure it out.
McCain – Screw’em. She’ll make MY temper tantrums look good!

1 09 2008

Rosci I was right:
they think the meeting went well because Putin was smiling ,,when he was actually in tears holding back a laugh when he saw the wet spot on the presidents suit from her nipple leaking
pop!!!! she hands off (baby)to the secret service ,, milk sprays the Chinese delegation
Looks like saturday night live is going to make a comeback folks ..

1 09 2008

Sorry Diva, gotta disagree — they won’t replace her with Romney, they’ll replace her with best bud Joe Lieberman. Last week the Base would have screamed bloody murder, now, Lieberman is going to look lie a great choice. I believe it was a ploy to get who he wanted… apparently up until the night before the announcement. He was told that the Base wouldn’t go along. So he picked the most outrageous person possible. The idea that they didn’t know what they were getting is just impossible to believe — the rumors were already out there… Now he can pick Lieberman and be cheered — lets hear it for the Eagleton factor!

1 09 2008

Thanks for the link, “Me”. They way she phrased it when she spoke made her descision seem inconsequential. “I’ve had five children–I know what labor feels like.” I don’t know–to me it still seems needlessly reckless. I’ve had my water break–let me tell you it can go from “trickle” to hard labor in 1 hour. Add to that that the baby was a month early, correct? I’d never have gotten on that plane. I don’t know any women that would, either stay-at-home moms or full-time working moms. At least not unless there was something extremely pressing like a dying parent to get to, or (in the case of a govenor) a state emergency. But there weren’t any of these problems. She took the chance for no good reason, at least as far as I can see (I mean, her husband was even with her, so she wasn’t trying to get home to him, either).

As for how this works into politics, you have to ask yourself. “If this is how reckless she is with her own son, (whom she presumably loves) how is she going to behave toward people she knows nothing about?” Like 300 million other Americans, for example. I shudder to think how this sort of recklessness could play out in foreign affairs.

1 09 2008
Then Came Bronson

Thank you for the excellent site. You are going to be my only go to guy. Please edify us regarding her “fighting corruption in Alaska”. Down here it sounds like she’s got super hero powers. Anything real happened? Indictments? Convictions?

Great work! Hang in there.

1 09 2008

I appreciate the times that we have raising children in this world and the incredible importance in educataion. I have one in college and one a junior in highschool, both with aspirations of making this world a better place. Having a baby at age 17 is an irrisponsible act, preventable, and saying that it is great because of “pro life” values, is fine, why don’t you pay for all the expenses associated with that child instead of making me pay medical insurance the max to cover your grandchild that was born illigitimately and in a world where neither parents were mature enough or ready. It is time to take responsibility for the youth. If the VP can’t control her kid. How are we supposed to?

1 09 2008

Great site and I appreciate all the infor which is better than any I had got from elsewhere. Like the person above from Europe, here in Australia we are also holding our breath about the outcome of your election.

2 09 2008

The terrifying thing about this woman is the fudamentalist Christian factor and her belief that God is on the side of the US and her willingness to follow the “plan” of God. What happened to the separation of church and state? There’s no substantial difference between a fundamentalist Muslim willing to die for martyrdom and a fundamentalist Christian willing to die for “God’s Plan”. I don’t want some born again nut case pushing the button in the name of God. There have been more atrocities and horrors perpetrated in the name of God than almost any other factor you can name. This is why the founding fathers were so precise in laying out the separation of church and state. This religious fundamentalism is a bomb waiting to explode. We simply cannot allow this sort of person to be one step away from the presidency of the United States. I’m all for religious freedom and don’t care what people believe as long as it is kept in their own life. It has no business in government however and we are in for some dangerous times if the unthinkable happens and McCain/Palin somehow pull this off.

3 09 2008

This is the first time EVER that I’ve blogged about anything. That being said, I’d like to say that I’m a 60 year-old Repuplican woman who has never voted against my party. The nomination of Sarah Palin has made me beleive that my party cares nothing for me as a woman or for our wonderful country. To select someone jwith NO experience ust because she female is so far out line for who we are and what this country needs that I will now vote for the democratatic ticket in November. Not because they’re better but because they haven’t insulted my intelligence.

3 09 2008

To say that someone that has accomplished as much as this woman has “NO experience” is either completely ignorant of any facts, or a “plant” from someone other than a 60 year old republican woman.

Has Biden or Obama ever run a city? Big or small?
Has Biden or Obam ever run a state? Big or small?
Has Biden or Obama ever turned down earmark money?
Has Biden or Obama ever actually worked for a living?
What the heck is a community organizer?
How many times has Palin voted “Not Present”?

I find it quite entertaining that the republican VP candidate is being so heavily contrasted to the democrat PRESIDENTIAL candidate. It speaks volumes.

It is equally entertaining to see how hard the left is working to trash this woman, resorting to National Enquirer tactics because there’s nothing factual that works. Change we can believe in, right?

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Oops, I guess that makes me a racist now……

For a brief time, I was swooned by the messiah, until it became painfully clear that he was a false prophet, more heavily laden with the garbage he was speaking out against than those he opposes.

I think I’ll stick with the patriot that earned:

Silver Star
Legion of Merit for Valor
Distinguished Flying Cross
Three Bronze Stars
Two Commendation medals
Two Purple Hearts
A dozen service medals

I think I’ll stick with the guy that has crossed the isle when it felt right to do so.

I think I’ll stick with the guy that voted agains Bush when it fetlt right to do so (check your facts)

I think I’ll stick with the guy that picked a woman with a pioneer’s spirit, whos life represents the American Dream, who has a record of standing up for what she believes in, doesn’t whine, and appears to have more balls than the whole democrat ticket.

What a great country we live in.

3 09 2008
kate silicon valley

Is it really necessary to parade late at night your 5 month old special needs child onto a stage where super loud screaming is going on, too bright lights, child not knowing what’s up, JUST TO WIN VOTES?????!!!! i am so scared for my country if they win and may move out.

12 09 2008
Michael Bradner

You have no idea how frightened you should be. Mayor – Wasilla 4,500 with few powers – no school function -limited fire – spreadout homes mostly septic and well . . . a library yes! Wasilla has a police department, and needs one, the region is the Meth Capital of the North, and its biggest cash crop is well received by the youth of Alaska. Very high domestic abuse rate, crime rate, alcoholism and drug use. Until a state law probibited the practice Wasilla charged victims for cost of medical rape tests. Full of homophobes, history of very unual murders – preache shooting feeing suspect kids in the back (found innocent, of course – teenagers sawing up body with chain saw) Got first stop light about time Sarah was mayor – now has three – all on state Anchorage to Fairbanks highway that runs through the stripmall business district.

The books, banning the books. This wasn’t just a few books, it was a long, long list – even Huckleberry Finn. The key question not asked/answered, is where she got the list. Obviously not hers, and she obviously was unperceptive about the character of debate that emerges surrounding banning of books.

The bedrooms of the governor’s mansion, an electrician tells us, was littered with Christian phamplet and only CDs – religious.

If elected the VP is kept away from foreigh policy, and also domestic, she will hunder for her personal drug – attention, attentyion, attention. The stage left to her and available is that of the orgaizations of then more fundementalist Christian groups, Dangerously she is not a “student,” dislikes policy depth, and lacks perception of periphial and dowenstream impacys of what might be currently popular.

We in Alaska who must work on public issues lnow this woman, or I should rather say – We “no” her.

If there is a natural God of creation i thing we’re being toyed with – our creator is bored.

Or, perhaps God time being on eons, God went on R & R to another Galaxy, not back yet . . . but when she gets back shen may be really pissed about what people are diubngn in ” her name.”

Result? Zap, zap . . . or “tell the cosmotelological engineers to nudge in another asrteroid – guess we have to start over.

– your task! You’re just one vote – you can get 40 votes between now and election – no by assault but gentle winds – get the votes don’t argue and get in the tenches.

– St. Michael

29 09 2008

Some of the info about Palin bothers me a whole lot, even though I am a moderate conservative. Stuff like – creationism teaching in schools (this is a religious theme – if taught it should be brought up only as information (like any other), not as a doctrine; no health care rights for gays/lesbians, no abortion (single exception); her complete, COMPLETE ignorance of ALL national interest affairs – no knowledge, interest, insight, opinions, nothing – on diplomacy, security, taxation, heathcare, education, you name it. If McCain dies, for whatever reason, she’s it!!

Biden may not be ideal, but Palin? I think she will self-destruct this Thursday.

29 09 2008

By the way, her interview with Katie Couric is a precursor of what we may expect to see at the debate with Biden. That was incredibly sad. I think McCain made a BIG mistake.

I disagree with Obama on nearly everything, but I may just vote AGAINST Palin this time.

18 10 2008
Controversial Reality

I don’t trust Palin at all, she is a war mungerer desiring Armegeddon, check out this video on

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