Operation Chaos, Alaskan Style.

26 08 2008

Remember Rush Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos” where Republicans were instructed to switch over to the Democratic ballot in open primary states, and cast votes for Clinton? The idea was that Clinton would be easier to beat than Obama in the general election. Reports were mixed, but thousands of Republicans pulled the switcheroo just to stack the deck.

So, this morning, after voting, I asked my significant other, “So, who did you vote for?” I said this half-joking, knowing what the answer would be. Or so I thought. The answer came with a smile: “Don Young.”

I had to take the Democratic ballot, but my sneaky better half is a Non-partisan, chose the Republican ballot, and pulled the Progressive version of Operation Chaos. Recent polls show Ethan Berkowitz and Sean Parnell as a close match up. In the Don Young/Ethan Berkowitz match up, Young goes down like a bag of dirt.

I wonder how many others thought this through and did the same thing? A tip of the hat to you evil genius non-partisan Progressives out there. Go Don!!!

UPDATE:  It looks like those Operation Chaos folks may actually come into play in this race!  At Election Central the race has been neck & neck all night.  At one point only 4 votes separated the candidates.  It’s almost 2am Alaska time and right now Sean Parnell leads by less than 300 votes.  We’ll find out tomorrow.  I’ll post the results in the morning in addition to photos etc. from the evening’s festivities.




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27 08 2008
Andromeda Romano-Lax

Just found your site and am enjoying reading your political posts during this very exciting primary week. Thanks also for the links to other Alaska political blogs. It’s a great way to stay connected and informed through November and beyond.

I’m running a little post contest starting today (continuing for 2 weeks) asking readers at my new Alaska literary blog, http://49writers.blogspot.com, to suggest a favorite Alaska book they’d like Obama to read. I’ll send him (via his campaign) the winning title, and people who make suggestions also get entered into a drawing for their bookstore or Kaladi coffee gift certificates. So if you have any good ideas, please visit.

27 08 2008

OMG! I hope Don wins! He’s the best choice for Alaskans. Whether or not you like him is irrelevant. He is effective. That’s what matters.

31 08 2008

Another great post!


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