Black Cloud Over Alaska Republicans.

25 08 2008

On Primary Eve in Alaska, and as the Democratic Convention in Denver began, I was at the next best place…the Alaska State Fair. No rain, no crowds, no lines. Gotta love it!

On the way out of town, I spotted a great crowd on Seward and Northern Lights waving signs for YES on 4, YES for Fish. And despite what the zillion dollar ad campaign from the foreign mining interests would have you believe, many in the crowd were Alaska natives and people with fishing jobs. Yes…jobs that aren’t mining. Yes, jobs that will be lost when Pebble toxifies the fishing in Bristol Bay. Losing a fishery to oil wasn’t enough, now we’re going to lose one to gold. Don’t get me started…

Once at the Fair, I found the Begich booth, and the Obama booth, both staffed with cheerful, upbeat campaign workers busily handing out buttons, stickers and information.

Barack Obama himself even made a surprise appearance at Macho Nachos!

OK, it’s a cardboard cutout….

The Democrats booth eluded me. I looked, but I had to rush off for an appointment and never found it.

But I did find the Republican candidates booth.

Lights on, nobody home. And what’s that big black cloud? Sometimes in life, metaphors just present themselves with no effort required.



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30 08 2008
G. Stone

Wow! I feel like I’ve struck Alaskan gold!

When the talking heads and the mainstream media don’t have a clue who Sarah Palin is, here’s Mudflats giving us the scoop from an Alaskan perspective – and proving, incidentally, that not all Alaskans are knuckledraggers fed on mooseburgers!

This is just terrific – and, as a professional writer, I have to say, your writing style is terrific. I’m circulating this to as many of my friends as I can think of – you’re going to get a whole lot of attention, I’m sure, from all sorts of people all over the country who will suddenly overload your server – not because of me, of course, but because I’m sure tons of others are doing the same thing I’m doing. And we’ll be looking for more of the same as this campaign moves on.

Thanks for providing some insight and perspective that no one else is doing nearly as well!

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