Ron Paul Endorses…Don Young?

22 08 2008

In an attempt to wrap my brain around this headline in the Daily News Miner, I thought at first – Ahhhh, the head fake.  He’s endorsing Don Young because he is so reviled by his overinflated ego, corrupt soul, and dim witted bombasity, that he wants him to win the primary only to see him go down in flames against the Democrat in the general election.  But then I thought…. why didn’t he just endorse Parnell?  THEN I thought – Ahhhh, he is so reviled by Parnell’s empty-headed empty suit-ness that he actually might want the Democrat to win?   Hmmm… probably not likely.

Before I go on, I have to confess that  part of me really likes Ron Paul.  He has ideals which actually mean something to him.  He appeals to thinking people.  Certain aspects of his Libertarianism I like, especially when it involves not starting unneccessary wars.  He actually stands for something and stands up for it, politics be damned.  He has chutzpah.  He has integrity.   I may not agree with him, but in a goofy way, he’s just likeable….like Dennis Kucinich, only without the compassion.

So, while trying to figure out this strange Republican/Libertarian triple head fake, I read the article.  It  was the last thing I ever would have imagined.  He is actually really really endorsing Don Young.  Really.  His reason?  Don Young is a “friend” of his, and besides, he really sticks it to those environmentalists. 

Huh? (chin hitting desk)

It’s not often you’re let down and disillusioned by a politician that you fundamentally disagree with.  But it can be done.


So, What the Hell is ‘Alaskan Bush Justice’?

22 08 2008

I’ve been listening to Vic Vickers’ radio ad for at least a week now – the one where he says Chief Justice George Boney became his mentor and taught him about “Alaska’s system of bush justice.” I’ve been trying to figure out what that actually means, and I finally asked several lifelong Alaskans if they have any clue what this “Alaskan bush justice” is?  They stared at me blankly.  One friend, born and raised in the bush asked, “Is that like ‘Frontier Justice’? I ask myself the same question. No one seems to know.

You stole my chain saw, so I’m gonna disappear your dog? That guy slept with your wife? We’ll take him on a hunting trip and he’ll meet with an unfortunate accident? What are we talking here??

Or maybe it’s Bush justice, (like the president)?  I’m going to make my croney the mayor who is going to declare you an enemy combatant and ship you to a secret CIA prison in Big Diomede?

Maybe it’s me. It must mean something…Maybe I’m just out of the loop. But I know it’s not just me.  Alaskans will just keep shaking their heads and chuckling as Vic keeps pouring money into the media so he can continue to not resonate with Alaskans.