There’s No Place Like Homes #1-#7

21 08 2008
The McCain's home in Phoenix

The McCain Home in Phoenix

Wow.  I thought John McCain really stepped in it the other night at the Saddleback Forum when he said his definition of “rich” was making more than $5 million.  Because the kiss of death in politics is looking “out of touch” with real people.  Now he’s really stepped in it (while wearing his $520 Italian Ferragamo loafers).

McCain found himself caught off guard when a reporter ambushed him with the brain teaser, “How many homes do you and Cindy own?”  (Jeopardy music)  His answer? “I think…… I’ll have my staff get to you.”   Later in the day, after some consulting time, he revised his answer to, “at least four.”

This makes the John Edwards $400 haircut sound like penny candy.  We’ve known for some time that McCain is wealthy (even by his own definition of $5 million a year), but the money-meter has just reached some kind of crucial tipping point in the media.  The houses, the private jet, the $100 million beer heiress, the $540 shoes, and now the uncertaintly about how many houses he actually owns.  Newsflash for the McCains: most ‘regular Americans’ fly coach, pay for their beer, spend under $500 for shoes and DEFinitely know how many houses they own. 

The McCain camp had a freak-out moment and threw everything they could at Obama:  Hawaii, Tony Rezko, Harvard, a week-long vacation, and yes, the dreaded arugula

Arugula vs. Too Many Houses to Count.  Will the real elitist please stand up!




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1 09 2008

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