Stevens’ Trial to be Held in D.C.

20 08 2008

No surprise. Judge Emmett Sullivan today ruled that Ted Stevens will have to stand trial in D.C. where he allegedly committed the seven felonies for which he is accused.

Stevens’ lawyer Brendan Sullivan (another Sullivan) bloviated for over an hour, explaining how witnesses will be inconvenienced, and Stevens’ campaign time will be impinged, etc. It took Judge Sullivan all of about 5 minutes to say no dice.

Sullivan the judge stated several times that video testimony and cross-examination of witnesses will be allowed, and reminded Sullivan the attorney that the court had already bent over backwards to accommodate Stevens’ request for a speedy trial. In addition, the ‘work week’ of the trial may be cut to four days, allowing Stevens to fly home for long weekends of campaigning.

So, the good news for us (bad news for Stevens) is that Stevens may actually get a fair trial. The bad news for us, of course, is no big media extravaganza in Alaska. That’s OK. We should be willing to forgo the festivities for the sake of justice (even though it’s just no fun).




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