Is John McCain Rich? Ask Him.

20 08 2008

I was watching the Saddleback Civil Forum the other night, and John McCain was asked to give a specific number in terms of defining “rich”…when did middle-class become “rich”? His answer, which nearly knocked me off my chair, was “5 million”. Then I got to thinking….maybe he was concerned about labeling himself as “rich”, so he probably shot for a number that was just out of his range. Maybe last year he pulled in $4.8 million, so he was parsing his answer so he wouldn’t get caught calling himself “rich”.

Turns out I gave him way too much credit. Last year he pulled in a cool $6 million…rich, even by his own high standards.

I love how the Reverend just laughs out loud at his answer, as does the audience. Then he does one of those weird gasbag noises he makes when he’s trying to laugh along but doesn’t really get what the joke is.

Enjoy the above video from the DNC.



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20 08 2008

Oh but you see John McCain wants EVERYONE to be rich like him, whereas Obama wants to punish the rich and make all of us poor like those slops making less than $5 million. A vote for John McCain is a vote for hope. Stupid proletarian slave hope, that is. Please corporate masters! Remind us how we can all someday be like you…

22 08 2008

Well, in terms of net worth, John McCain is CERTAINLY in the “rich” class… and Obama isn’t.

22 08 2008

The comment that made me laugh was when he was questioned about it, he said that he thought there were other ways to measure being rich than just with money. (violin music) There are people with families and children who are rich, but miserable billionaires…(sniff)

Nice try.

9 10 2008

next time answer the website

3 11 2008

i think Mccain is crusty and he shouldnt be presiden. He only goes for the rich people and he also wants to put prostitution legal. That is why he doest diserve to be president.

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