Stevens’ Trial to be Held in D.C.

20 08 2008

No surprise. Judge Emmett Sullivan today ruled that Ted Stevens will have to stand trial in D.C. where he allegedly committed the seven felonies for which he is accused.

Stevens’ lawyer Brendan Sullivan (another Sullivan) bloviated for over an hour, explaining how witnesses will be inconvenienced, and Stevens’ campaign time will be impinged, etc. It took Judge Sullivan all of about 5 minutes to say no dice.

Sullivan the judge stated several times that video testimony and cross-examination of witnesses will be allowed, and reminded Sullivan the attorney that the court had already bent over backwards to accommodate Stevens’ request for a speedy trial. In addition, the ‘work week’ of the trial may be cut to four days, allowing Stevens to fly home for long weekends of campaigning.

So, the good news for us (bad news for Stevens) is that Stevens may actually get a fair trial. The bad news for us, of course, is no big media extravaganza in Alaska. That’s OK. We should be willing to forgo the festivities for the sake of justice (even though it’s just no fun).

Is John McCain Rich? Ask Him.

20 08 2008

I was watching the Saddleback Civil Forum the other night, and John McCain was asked to give a specific number in terms of defining “rich”…when did middle-class become “rich”? His answer, which nearly knocked me off my chair, was “5 million”. Then I got to thinking….maybe he was concerned about labeling himself as “rich”, so he probably shot for a number that was just out of his range. Maybe last year he pulled in $4.8 million, so he was parsing his answer so he wouldn’t get caught calling himself “rich”.

Turns out I gave him way too much credit. Last year he pulled in a cool $6 million…rich, even by his own high standards.

I love how the Reverend just laughs out loud at his answer, as does the audience. Then he does one of those weird gasbag noises he makes when he’s trying to laugh along but doesn’t really get what the joke is.

Enjoy the above video from the DNC.


20 08 2008

I once asked my mother why she listened to Rush Limbaugh, knowing full well that she’s a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat. She looked at me and said, “Know your enemy.”

I got an email from Human Events (Newt Gingrich’s ultra-right smear machine newsletter). Yes, I get it daily thanks to my mother’s advice, and I read it until I can’t stomach it anymore. On the non-Ann Coulter days I sometimes get to the end. Today’s email reads:


This is a campaign like no other. With your help, we will put up 50 – that’s right – 50 “Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican” billboards all over the City of Denver, while the Democratic Party is having their national convention there.

What a way to upset the “coronation” of the Democratic Party’s “messianic” presidential nominee, Sen. Barack Obama. Arrogant is the word for Obama, a far left-winger, who is attempting to assume the mantle of Dr. King by giving his political acceptance speech on the anniversary of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” inspirational civil rights speech. History shows that Dr. King was a minister who embraced the traditional values that made our country great. Obama has the most liberal voting record in the US Senate. Obama is no MLK.

Join the fun. Donate now to our Denver billboard campaign and help make history. No amount is too small.

Why am I telling you this? Sometimes we need a little cold water in the face. So, if this appalls you, and you haven’t done anything today to move the debate in the direction you want it to go, do it.

Oh, and remember when McCain, at the Saddleback Civil Forum, said that one of the three wisest people he knows who he would rely on heavily if elected, was Representative John Lewis, an African-American Democrat from Georgia? What was Lewis’ response at being used as McCain’s token black friend?

“Sen. McCain and I are colleagues in the US Congress, not confidantes. He does not consult me. And I do not consult him.”

The wise, wise John Lewis, who marched with King in the 1960s, called the MLK was a Republican ads an “insult to the legacy and the memory of Martin Luther King Jr.” and “an affront to all that he stood for.”

Time to start taking that wise counsel you talked about Senator, and denounce this attempt to distort the spirit of a great American who is no longer here to defend himself from the mud slinging cesspool that the Republican party has become.

Stevens & Cowdery Join ‘Republican Offenders’

20 08 2008
Image from Republican Offenders

Image from Republican Offenders

For those of you who, like me, have anxiously been awaiting the latest update of Republican Offenders, wait no more.  So inundated they were with Republican indictments lately, it took longer than usual.  The site now reflects Alaska’s latest two contributions:  Senator Ted “I am innocent” Stevens, and John “I am innocent” Cowdery.  They join Pete “I am innocent” Kott, Vic “I am innocent” Kohring…etc.