Veepstakes is Making Me Crazy.

15 08 2008

It’s about time for Obama to make his VP choice.  I got an email 2 days ago with a link to sign up to get the news via text message or email…  I signed up. Now I’m just sitting here.  Waiting.

The day of the Democratic convention that the VP is scheduled to  speak is dedicated to National Security and Veterans’ Issues.  Hmmm.  Wes Clark? Chuck Hagel? John Kerry?

I also keep hearing Joe Biden (the bloviator) and Evan Bayh (the empty suit).  Then there’s Kaine (could add Virginia to the blue column) and Sebelius (the ‘other woman’).

My first choice Bill Richardson is out. 

Edwards is dead to me, and everyone else.

Dodd?  Great, but is he better left in the Senate?

Hillary?  I doubt it, but stranger things have happened.

And come on…wouldn’t it be linguistically awesome if it was Ralph Nader so the ticket could read “Obamanader” (said in my best Ahnold Schwartzenegger voice).

Yes, veepstakes is addling my brain.  Was that my phone?

Ted’s Condo Revealed!

15 08 2008


Remember when Don Young falsely  claimed to have won the Hero of the Taxpayer Award from Taxpayers for Common Sense?

Well the actual Watchdog Group who would presumably never in a million years give any kind of award to the likes of Don Young, did some excellent digging on another member of Alaska’s congressional delegation.  Utilizing the wonders of Google Earth, we can now get a peek at the latest piece of controversial real estate in Ted Stevens’ closet. 

Not the chalet in Girdwood this time, but a luxury seaside condo on the Gold Coast of Florida. Prosecutors have now alleged that Stevens bought and flipped a $5000 investment in this condo for a cool $129,250 profit.

Federal prosecutors filed a new motion late yesterday that alleges that between 2001 and 2003, Sen. Stevens had been “intimately involved in a Florida real estate transaction” with an unknown individual who the prosecutors describe as a “personal friend.” After an initial investment of a mere $5,000, the prosecutors allege that  “Stevens’ friend sold his real estate interest only six months later, with an eventual gross profit to Stevens of more than $100,000.” Stevens’ own 2003 disclosure reports put the exact profit from the transaction at $129,250.  To assist in purchasing the property, Senator Stevens’ friend provided him with $31,000, interest-free for the initial downpayment on the garden apartment at Carroll Walk Condominiums in Bay Harbor, Florida.  Also despite the fact that he knowingly carried the debt for more than 10 months, Sen. Stevens did not report the loan as a liability on his Senate financial disclosure forms.

Sure pays to have ‘personal friends’.  Nice digs.  Hey….is that?…..look at the picture…yes…yes….I think…is that a little Viking barbeque  grill on the deck?