Palin’s Self-Investigation Bears Fruit!

13 08 2008

The governor lost no time today.  Mere hours after announcing that she had launched her own preemptive investigation of her own firing of Department of Public Safety Chief Walt Monegan, she also announced that she has discovered something!  Eureka!

It seems that despite the fact that Palin repeatedly claimed no one on her staff ever ever pressured anyone to fire her ex-brother-in-law Trooper Mike Wooten…er….they did.  Dozens of times.  As a matter of fact, (oh gosh this is SO embarrassing) one of the phone calls was tape recorded by the the DPS!  BUT, the governor tells us with a straight face, that she knew absolutely nothing at all about it.  Nothing.  Really.  Although she did know something about some of the other ones, which she forgot she did before, but now she remembers.  But not THIS one that was recorded.

The phone call “Pressurizer”, long term Palin staffer Frank Bailey, has even come out with a statement that says he acted alone.   He decided to pressurize all by himself.  He’s a lone wolf.  No direction from the governor.  None. Completely spontaneous.  AND, he “can’t stress it enough.”  Wow.  So he reeeeally must be telling the truth.

I don’t know whether Palin really thinks we are all that stupid, or whether her options are just running out.  I suppose the administration is thinking that it looks better to turn over the damning evidence themselves.  That sort of looks honest, right?   

ADN’s Kyle Hopkins’ notes from today’s press conference: (emphasis is mine)

— Palin and Attorney General Talis Colberg say there were at least two dozen phone calls from members of Palin’s staff asking about Wooten.

Colberg said he had a conversation with Monegan about Wooten.

— One of the calls came from Palin’s husband, Todd Palin.

Many came from Palin’s former Chief of Staff, Mike Tibbles.

— Palin says she didn’t know about Bailey’s phone calls, but did know about at least some of the other calls.

— Just after the press conference, Palin’s team was to meet with the independent investigator hired by the Legislature to look into Monegan’s firing.

— Palin said Monegan’s firing wasn’t about Wooten, who kept his job even as members of the governor’s staff kept asking about him. She says Monegan wasn’t “a team player” when it came to the budget, asked for more money while failing to fill vacant job positions, and wasn’t doing a good enough job combating alcohol issues such as rural bootlegging.

— Monegan turned down the governor’s offer to head up the Alcoholic Beverages Control Board.

— Monegan’s replacement, Chuck Kopp, was paid a “severance package” of $10,000, after quickly resigning.

— Palin said no decision has been made yet about what happens to Bailey.

So, we’ve gone from firm statements that nobody from the administration ever talked to Monegan about Wooten, to dozens of calls?  It’s amazing how recording devices and investigations can trigger the memory.

And she fired Walt Monegan in part because of his inadequacy in combatting alcohol issues, and then in the same breath offered him the head position of the Alcoholic Beverages Control Board?

And the other reason is because he wasn’t filling empty trooper positions, and also because he had the nerve to ask for money to do it?

Have we entered the Bush/Cheney Whitehouse at some point?  Black is white, and white is black.   2+2=5.  And it’s all lies, I tell you, LIES!




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14 08 2008

Wow, Sarah Palin and her staff should open a private investigation office!

They found this incriminating evidence in no time at all.

Freaking Sherlock Holmes could not have done better!

14 08 2008
Who's on First

The following is a quote from AG Colberg upon the announcement that he was launching his own investigation of the Monegan termination.

” The governor, I think, was looking for what this meant when Sen. French was making the statements he did,” Colberg said Tuesday. “And we were trying to give her a better idea of what this could possibly mean. So we’re just trying to do a prudent inquiry to cover her options.”

Colberg is Attorney General for the State of Alaska, not Sarah Palin’s lawyer. He represents the people of the state, not the governor. The fact that he can say with a straight face that he is running his own investigation in our to “cover [Palin’s] options” demonstrates that he is unaware of where his lies. He should resign. (Not to mention that he made the statement to the news knowing that he himself had made a call to Monegan about Wooten. What a bunch.

14 08 2008

Elementary, my dear Gryphen….elementary.

14 08 2008

You said it. The fact that the AG is running around being, in effect, the governor’s private investigator, and putting people in DPS under oath in advance of the investigation, and without anyone’s knowledge until after the fact, is staggering. Jay Ramras called Colberg ‘naive’. Just what we need, a naive AG.

The more the governor tries to manipulate this situation, the worse it gets. It’s like watching a bug on a pin.

14 08 2008
Phil Munger

Who’s on first makes a great point. I caught the same drift from Talis’s statement.

He’s a longtime friend of mine. I’m sure – look at those pictures of him lately – he’s missing his practice back in Palmer.

APRN had a story on the Polar Bear correspondence case involving Prof. Rick Steiner a couple of months ago. I couldn’t help but notice then that Talis, giving out the Palin administration talking points, was very uncomfortable at having to play the game out the way he’d been told to play it.

The other thing that may start ripping his AG office apart, will be if the info on the extent of the coverup in the AG and Parnell’s LTG and DoElections offices on workers there being involved in Parnell’s campaign activity comes to light. Apparently, an assistant AG has been threatening two whistle blowers rather sternly.

14 08 2008

No kidding. Wow. The Department of Elections, both past and present guard many secrets that need to see the open light of day. I’m still waiting for the explanation of 2004 and those irregularities. I won’t hold my breath.

Rick Steiner is amazing. The first time I heard him speak, I actually had a little mind movie about quitting my job and following him to the Niger Delta. (Now that’s a persuasive speaker!)

29 08 2008
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29 08 2008

Alaskans have no idea what’s about to happen to them. If there is anything there about Palin its going to be rooted out by the big media forces in the lower 48. What may fly in the incestuous politics and media environment there will crash upon takeoff once the big boys start looking into things.

30 08 2008

Thank you for posting all of this. Very informative. I don’t know if you had any idea how useful this stuff would be, but thank you for your foresight. I can tell you, just as you hypothesized, thinking women are insulted. I found you from Sadly, No!

1 09 2008

Wow, love this blog, love this site, visited alaska when my son was stationed there, it took my breath away, beautiful!!, please please alaskans, don’t let the lower 48’s media cover this up!!

6 09 2008

I like Palin. She has got integrity. I am in law enforcement and I believe an officer who gains 100 pounds and has four divorces should lose the priviledge in working as an officer.Police officers should be the pillar of the community, not the scum of the earth. Old men that protect these type of men should be fired too. Looking at both of them they looked like ruin men. I switch over because I do not believe we can win this war and should use our own resources and not depend on foreign anything. However, if I was a Republican I would definitely vote for Palin, I like what I see.

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