Palin Investigates Self in Innovative Winning Strategy.

13 08 2008

It’s good to start the day with a chuckle…and there are chuckles aplenty in the latest hilarious hijinks of our wacky governor Sarah Palin. We discovered last month that the Legislature would be conducting an investigation of the controversial firing of DPS chief Walt Monegan. That little debacle had everything – drama, revenge, infidelity, abuse of power, intimidation, drunk driving, child custody issues….and on and on. It was nice, frankly, to have a little respite from the slime; a time of cleansing; a mental sorbet. Now it’s time for the next course.

This one, although equally serious, has the feel of lighthearted satire. Here’s the deal:

After the Monegan debacle, Palin said she welcomed an investigation, had nothing to hide and was completely innocent. A few days later, backpedaling, said there really didn’t need to be an investigation and that she was willing to answer all questions she was asked. But the Legislature proceeded.

Retired state prosecutor Steven Branchflower was hired by the Legislature to investigate Palin and her administration regarding the Monegan firing. Here’s where we enter the land of the absurd.

Palin (aka ‘the accused’) decided that she didn’t want to wait for the investigation to begin. She’d rather know ahead of time what would be uncovered by the Legislature’s investigation. That would make things much nicer for her…. you know, eliminating the element of surprise, and having a heads up. What to do… (lightbulb goes off)

The solution? She directed the Alaska State Attorney General, Talis Colberg to investigate FIRST, and include interviews with Department of Public Safety employees. The accused’s ‘investigation of self’ apparently began in July, and interviews started on August 4th. The AG refused to say who was interviewed or how many interviews were conducted. Meanwhile, Branchflower has not even started the Legislature’s official investigation yet.

Go ahead, chuckle. I did.

Predictable reactions?

Jay Ramras (chair of the House Judiciary Committee:

“I think it is harmful to the credibility of the administration, harmful to the process and harmful to all the parties involved. It’s just the worst possible thing to be doing.”

John Cyr, executive director of the troopers union:

“It’s an abuse of her office” for Palin to involve the attorney general.

Legislators and Alaska citizens who have an ounce of common sense:

“Ummm. Witness intimidation? Witness tampering? Misuse of the Attorney General? Misuse of state resources? Are you kidding me???”

Governor’s spokeswoman Sharon Leighow:

No comment. Talk to the Attorney General.

The Attorney General Tallis Colberg:

“We’re commited to trying to cooperate as best we can…”

I just love that. This has become a catch phrase in the Palin administration…”committed to try”. Now that’s REAL commitment.

The governor’s justification for launching this preemptive investigation? Representative Hollis French told the Wall Street Journal that a worse-case scenario might be impeachment. Yeah….and? Apparently even acknowledging that this WAS the worst-case scenario had the administration in a tizzy. Palin and her hench-people figured that this was the winning strategy.

Time, once again, to sit back and watch the fallout.



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13 08 2008
Phil Munger

love that picture!

My “honeymoon over” thing has gotten to the point of looking for a good divorce attorney. How can she believe even Republicans will believe this shit?

13 08 2008

Now, now. There’s no need for a divorce attorney. I’m sure she’d be more than happy to come up with a divorce settlement that conforms to her own personal code of ethics. And that should be good enough for you, shouldn’t it? ;0)

She’s acting more and more like a cornered animal all the time. I don’t know if anyone is buying it any more. Never a dull moment!

16 08 2008
Bill Fikes

I guess I ain’t got much smarter then when I ust’a bounce on the mudflats, I thought that the Head of the Department of Public Safety served at the discretion of the office of the Governor. Which means she could replace him for due cause, no cause or just because.
I also thought that the State Attorney General had some sort of function in his job description that included him acting as an Attorney for the State, or some sort of State Attorney. Which would mean he would be first in line to investigate possible legal problems that might involve the State of Alaska to include the Office of the Governor.

So, why do they call it Fireweed if you ain’t ‘spose to fire it up?

29 08 2008
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31 08 2008

Have been reading through your blog for the past hour or so, it’s really very excellent, please do keep it up. I suspect you’ll have a LOT of readers over the next while.


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