King-Maker Tells King to Hang Up Crown.

12 08 2008

Ted Stevens, some would say, is Alaska’s political King.  He’s 84 years old and has been representing the state since 1968.  In 1968, the average Alaskan wasn’t even born.  Seriously.  The average Alaskan was born during Stevens’ second term.

Surely then, no one could have the audacity, or the gravitas to ask the man to step down and relinquish the Senate throne seat that’s had his butt print on it for 40 years.  But there is… man. 

Ex-Governor Wally Hickel is 88 now, and makes Stevens look like a young whippersnapper.  Hickel is also the one who appointed Stevens to the Senate lo those many years ago – the King-Maker as it were.  And he just told the boy to give it up.

“He has served Alaska for 40 years, but his time is over,” Hickel told Bloomberg News. “… We were a young state, and I learned we needed seniority, and Ted was a survivor … Now it’s time for a change. He’s just doing what those big economic interests want done. I don’t care if I appointed him. That was a long time ago.” 

You just gotta love it.  Back in my day, we KNEW when to retire…..these damn kids today….

OK, Ted.  You heard the man.  Go to your room.




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