Alaska Presidential Poll Numbers

12 08 2008

Here’s another one. ‘Tis the season of numbers, and I’m kind of a poll junkie, so you can expect lots of these between now and November. Here we go:

Hays Research Group polled 400 Alaskans from August 6 – August 8. Here’s the question:

“Thinking about the election for President of the United States, if the

election were held today and the candidates were Democrat Barack Obama,

Republican John McCain or Independent Ralph Nader, for whom would you vote

or are you undecided?”


Obama 45%

McCain 40%

Nader 2%

Other 2%

Undecided 10%

This includes leaners. I’m watching with great interest as the Obama machine springs to life and warms up for the Final 3 months. I’ve been to Obama headquarters several times now, and the energy is palpable. I have not been to McCain’s headquarters because, well, there is none. I can’t see McCain gaining at this point, with no campaign office in the state, and none planned.




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20 08 2008

“I’ve been to Obama headquarters several times now, and the energy is palpable.”

Geez, sorry to hear that? Who made you go?

21 08 2008

Hi Anonymous,
Who made me go? My conscience. What made me go?
Let’s see…the fact that the GOP in my state and nationwide has become a cesspool of corruption, the fact that we are now borrowing money from China, that we went from having a surplus to being the biggest debtor nation in the history of the world, US attorneys being vetted by their political preferences, the mistreatment of veterans, the fact that I can no longer afford to provide health insurance for my employees, private military contractors who are not accountable to civilians or our own military personnel, the desecration of the Geneva conventions, escalating poverty in the United States, NAFTA, the fact that I’d actually like a president who is intelligent, articulate and liked in the world, and the nation being deceived into a war costing thousands of American lives and hundreds of thousands of civilian lives. …I don’t know, do you want me to go on or is that enough?

9 09 2008

From Juneau. I am voting for Obama. I am amazed the McCaine camp has been able to keep the hoopla going around Palin this long, I think it’s because no one is calling her on all the lies. But once this settles I’m hoping people down south will start focusing on the differences between Obamas and McCains message. The media needs to do their job and point out all the lies so people know. I really can’t believe it. And I haven’t even heard any talk yet on how Sarah brought such division between Southeast Alaska and Central Alaska with her push to move the Capital to Wasilla, really what Governor would do such a thing to the people they govern. There are so many homes on the market now because folks are scared the Capital is going to move. The value in our home looks to have dropped by about $30,000.00. Southeast Alaska is a thriving part of Alaska, why would a Governor want to ruin it, this just shows how ruthless she is to me. This woman is a divider, not a uniter and will step on anything that gets in her way.

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