Cowdery Pulls into the Lead for Coveted Gigabyte Prize.

12 08 2008

Another ‘not guilty’ plea came in from the Corrupt Bastards Club today. This time it’s John Cowdery, who entered the courtroom in a wheelchair being pushed by his attorney.

Boy, we’ve seen it all – hardships and sad stories, children without fathers, tears, pleas for postponements, standing on roadsides with signs, health issues of various forms….it’s just painful to watch.

In medieval times, they used to put heads on pikes and leave them on display as a cautionary warning to those contemplating lives of crime. That was 800 years ago…you’d think people would have figured it out by now. Despite Cowdery’s insistence of his innocence, I think Alaskans are about ready to see another one of those figurative heads up there on the ramparts.

We’re pretty used to this by now, and nothing out of the ordinary happened today.  However, it’s worthy of note that although Ted Stevens lawyers were told to get a 500-gigabyte hard drive in order to obtain the gargantuan amount of evidence to be used against him, Cowder’s lawyer was told he needed a 750-gigabyte drive!  Holy moly, folks.  We may have found the winner of the gigabyte prize.  Although, we haven’t heard from the favorite yet.  I think Don Young may have them both beat.  We’ll see.

King-Maker Tells King to Hang Up Crown.

12 08 2008

Ted Stevens, some would say, is Alaska’s political King.  He’s 84 years old and has been representing the state since 1968.  In 1968, the average Alaskan wasn’t even born.  Seriously.  The average Alaskan was born during Stevens’ second term.

Surely then, no one could have the audacity, or the gravitas to ask the man to step down and relinquish the Senate throne seat that’s had his butt print on it for 40 years.  But there is… man. 

Ex-Governor Wally Hickel is 88 now, and makes Stevens look like a young whippersnapper.  Hickel is also the one who appointed Stevens to the Senate lo those many years ago – the King-Maker as it were.  And he just told the boy to give it up.

“He has served Alaska for 40 years, but his time is over,” Hickel told Bloomberg News. “… We were a young state, and I learned we needed seniority, and Ted was a survivor … Now it’s time for a change. He’s just doing what those big economic interests want done. I don’t care if I appointed him. That was a long time ago.” 

You just gotta love it.  Back in my day, we KNEW when to retire…..these damn kids today….

OK, Ted.  You heard the man.  Go to your room.

Alaska Presidential Poll Numbers

12 08 2008

Here’s another one. ‘Tis the season of numbers, and I’m kind of a poll junkie, so you can expect lots of these between now and November. Here we go:

Hays Research Group polled 400 Alaskans from August 6 – August 8. Here’s the question:

“Thinking about the election for President of the United States, if the

election were held today and the candidates were Democrat Barack Obama,

Republican John McCain or Independent Ralph Nader, for whom would you vote

or are you undecided?”


Obama 45%

McCain 40%

Nader 2%

Other 2%

Undecided 10%

This includes leaners. I’m watching with great interest as the Obama machine springs to life and warms up for the Final 3 months. I’ve been to Obama headquarters several times now, and the energy is palpable. I have not been to McCain’s headquarters because, well, there is none. I can’t see McCain gaining at this point, with no campaign office in the state, and none planned.

Cokie Roberts is an Idiot.

12 08 2008

I’ve tried to think of a nicer way to put that, but to no avail.  She’s just an idiot.

Here’s what she had to say yesterday on ABC about Barack Obama’s visit to Hawaii, the state of his birth, to visit his aged grandmother.

“Going off this week…I know his grandmother lives in Hawaii and I know Hawaii is a state, but it has the look of him going off to some sort of foreign, exotic place. He should be at Myrtle Beach if he’s going to take a vacation at this time. I just think this is not the time to do that.”

Huh?  So….when did it become somehow un-American to visit our 50th state?  Where you were born.  Where your Grandmother lives.  Who raised you.  It would be much more politically correct to go to Myrtle Beach where you know noone?  Just call Grandma on the phone. Much more American.  What planet is she living on?

You would think after publicly outing herself as a moron, she’d be laying low, or wearing a bag on her head if she had to go out in public.  But no!  She did it again!  I heard this today on NPR:

“…Hawaii is somewhat of an odd place to be doing it.  I know that he is from Hawaii – grew up there, his Grandmother lives there, but he has made SUCH a point about how he is from Kansas, and um…you know…the boy from Kansas and Kenya, makes him seem just a little more exotic than he would perhaps want to come across as at this stage of the presidential campaign.”

Ooooo…he’s going to seem way too ‘exotic’ for us reglur folks.  Shall we ask Cokie at which of McCain’s eight homes he’s vacationing, or where he’s golfing today?  Very down-to-earth and oh-so American.  Not like those damn foreigners Hawaiians.  (shudder)

I think I’ve had about all the smug, condescending crazy-talk I can handle.  Will someone please shut her up??

AFTERTHOUGHT:  Should we urge Obama not to come to Alaska?  Will all our foreign, exotic-ness be just too much for Americans to handle?  Maybe he should just go to Seattle, or Boise…you know, somewhere more palatable to regular Americans.