Alaska House Race Poll Numbers

10 08 2008

The latest poll numbers from Ivan Moore Research from 7/18-7/22/08

Don Young (46)

Sean Parnell (38 )

Gabrielle LeDoux (6)

I have a friend who refers to this race as:  The Crook, the Nitwit, and the Other One.

On the Democratic side, Ethan Berkowitz leads Diane Benson at this point 54-25.

So, assuming we have a Young vs. Berkowitz race:

Young (R) – 37

Berkowitz (D) – 52

Wow. Change is in the air.

Even though there were no results for a Benson vs. Young matchup, and even though we may never get to see it on the ballot again, I’d just love to know.  I think Diane would mop the floor with him, and I’d like all her supporters, and Don Young himself to see it in black & white.



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11 08 2008

If Alaska wants to see real, progressive change and finally live up to the ideals enshrined in the most progressive state constitution in the US, it is VITAL that Berkowitz supporters all show up at the primaries on August 26 and vote for ETHAN BERKOWITZ on the COMBINED BALLOT. He is the best shot the people of Alaska have had in a very long time to have honest and progressive representation. Every vote is crucial. And please don’t think you are helping if you decide to take the republican ballot and vote for Young to help ensure that he makes it to the general.

Alaska’s primaries have three ballots, the Republican Ballot, the COMBINED BALLOT (featuring all non-republican candidates), and the Initiative-only ballot. If you are a registered Democrat, Non-partisan, Alaskan Independence Party member, or Undeclared, you must request the COMBINED BALLOT to be able to vote for Ethan Berkowitz. We already know that the majority of the poll workers are Republican and they have a history of just giving people the Republican ballot rather than letting them select the ballot of their choice as required by state law. DO NOT BE DECEIVED.

11 08 2008
Phil Munger

Good point about the combined ballot, Tucker24AK.

However, I’d prefer that the folks vote for Diane Benson, the one who didn’t take campaign donations from Bill Weimar….

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