Why Do Republicans Hate Conservation?

5 08 2008

A few days ago, Barack Obama suggested (gasp) that people inflate their tires to the proper levels to save themselves, and the country up to 4% on oil consumption.  This is true.  It’s just physics and math.

Now, the Republicans are actually handing out little tire gauges, making fun of “Barack Obama’s energy plan”.  HUH?  Mocking conservation efforts….yeah.  Good plan.  For the true political elitists, saving $.12 or $.14 a gallon by being conscientious seems silly.  For normal people, this is a good thing.  It’s common sense.  If I went to fill up and saw the prices had come down 14 cents, I’d be pretty pleased.  Wouldn’t you?

Today, Randi Rhodes had the ultimate tit for tat response.  Last month when John McCain had a patch of skin cancer removed, he urged all Americans to wear sunscreen.  She wanted us to imagine at the Democratic convention if everyone held aloft little bottles of Coppertone, mocking John McCain saying that this was his idea of healthcare.  I know it would never happen, and I know that Democrats for the most part are above sinking into the Republican gutter.  Remember the purple heart bandaids they wore at the Republican convention last time, mocking John Kerry?   But I have to admit…a small part of me thinks that would be great.

But the rest of me would prefer that we keep reacting the way Barack Obama did in this clip.  Speak the truth, point out the rediculousness of the Republicans and hope to God that the majority of people see it for what it is. 

“It’s like these guys take pride in being ignorant.  They think it’s funny that they’re making fun of something that is actually true.”



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14 08 2008

Obviously it’s true that properly inflated tires save fuel, but Obama said it would save as much fuel as offshore drilling would generate. That’s the silly part. It’s not even close, and Obama is either trying to save himself by skewing their criticism or genuinely doesn’t know what he’s being “picked on” for.

14 08 2008

And by the way, 4% is much too high for a lot of reasons. It might be true for tires that were 20-30% underinflated driving at steady state, but most tires are not that underinflated and everyone has stops, starts, turns, etc which drop the number. I’d guess that the number is more like 0.5%. Still worth doing – the benefits could be seen tomorrow, but not even close to what offshore drilling could accomplish.

14 08 2008

I head up a biannual effort at my church in which we take people’s tire pressure, inflate the tires to the recommended levels and then calculate the percentage of fuel savings they can anticipate. We’ve done this four times.

Our all-time winner was over 6%. The average is usually about 3.4-3.6%. I’ve seen the results in my own car. You should try it some time.

So start calculating savings now, and keep going until all these new offshore leases are given, go through all the red tape, and production starts in 9 or 10 years. Then we’ll talk.

Wouldn’t you think the oil companies would start drilling on the millions of acres they already have and are not developing?

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