Post-Indictment Poll Looks Ugly for Stevens.

2 08 2008

Ivan Moore Research released some brand new Alaska senate poll numbers today.  Numbers in parentheses were taken 7/18-22.  The second set were taken after the indictment from 7/30-31.

Stevens –  35  (43)

Begich –  56  (51)

Margin of Error 4.8% 

Ker……..plunk.  Looks like barring a well-placed lightning strike, Begich has it.

And lest you worry that he’ll be defeated in the primary leaving a less tarnished candidate to go toe-to-toe with Begich:

Ted Stevens: 59  (70)

Dave Cuddy:  19  (21)

Other:  2 (2)

Undecided: 20 (7)

Looks like Stevens is in.  But, you never know…Vic Other…er, I mean Vic Vickers is waiting in the wings ready to make his move! (stifling laughter)  Well, if he loses, he can still have something to look forward to in 2009…his very first Permanent Fund Check!



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2 08 2008

This has been a pretty crappy summer for all Alaskans.

But it has been an especially crappy summer for the Republicans.

And you know what? That actually makes MY summer seem just a little bit better.

3 08 2008

Democratic pollster Ivan Moore is unreliable.

What does Dave Dittman say?

3 08 2008

Dave Dittman hasn’t done one. And there are those that would argue IT would be unreliable.

4 08 2008

Vickers is a ‘carpetbagger’ from Florida who previously was registered as a Democrat and lost by resounding defeat in a local race down there. However he is spending his own money to enrich the bottom line of local media outlets, so he’s not all bad.

That being said, he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell to win. At this point it is Begich’s race to lose. Like by suggesting stupid things such as tying congressional pay raises to the national minimum wage. This is a hot button issue? How about promising a moratorium upon ALL congressional pay raises since they already make eight to ten times more per year than most people. On top of getting stellar medical benefits at taxpayer expense. All while a large chunk of the population of the US can’t even afford preventative health care, let alone catastrophic care.


11 08 2008

I heard Vic Vickers interviewed on KUDO. Kathy Phillips asked him what he intended to do about the astronomical rates of domestic violence and sexual assault in the bush. He said, “We’ll just have to do the best we can”….or something close to that. I’m thinking a snowball might have a better shot.

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