Rasmussen Results for Alaska

1 08 2008

Just reported by Daily Kos:

Still Anyone’s Game

Likely Alaska voters. MoE 4% (7/17 results)

McCain (R) 44 (45)
Obama (D) 39 (40)

The Stevens indictments haven’t filtered up to the presidential race, which is logical. But McCain is still dramatically underperforming his ticket in the state. Remember, this is a state that Bush won by 25 points in 2004, 61-36. Obama is already garnering more support than Kerry did, while McCain is running 17 points below Bush.

Obama has spent $88,000 in ads in the state which seems like nothing, but in Alaska actually goes a long way (the cheapest media markets in the nation). It would take a relatively minor investment in money and perhaps a single visit to put serious pressure on GOP prospects in the state.

One other bit of interesting info from the poll:

But [Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin] is popular in her home state and is seen by most Alaska voters as more ethical than the typical politician. Sixty-four percent (64%) of voters rate Palin’s job performance as excellent or good versus only 14% who view it as poor. Palin is seen as more ethical than most politicians by 51% of Alaska voters. Another 33% say she is as ethical as her peers.

Back in April, Palins numbers were a bit better:

Republican Governor Sarah Palin earns much better reviews—73% good or excellent, 7% poor.

So thus far, her abuse of power scandal hasn’t hit her too hard. Perhaps voters are waiting to see what comes out of investigations looking into her efforts to use the power of her office to retaliate against her sister’s ex-husband, a policeman. Still, her Lt. Gov, Sean Parnell, running against Dan Young in the House Republican primary, has pulled all ads that feature Palin. Republicans are walking on egg shells in Alaska these days.

Eggshells indeed. But I don’t know if I agree that the scandal “hasn’t hit her too hard”. That’s an almost double digit drop in three months. Much will depend now on the outcome of the investigation.

The poll results were from 7/17…the very beginning of the breaking scandal.  The next results will be interesting.




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2 08 2008

I just saw an ad tonight for Parnell with Palin in it. Speaking of Parnell… he was in a forum with Don and Ledoux in my town this evening and I can safely say that all the things I’ve heard about him being a dunce… are indeed true.

29 08 2008

Let’s be clear about the matter of Mrs. Palin’s ex-brother in law, this state trooper was suspended for threatening the life of his father in-law, tasering his 11 year old step son and violating hunting laws (AKA poaching). Sounds like a person in dire need of discipline.

As for the abuse of power investigation, it has no legs, all commissioners in Alaska serve at the will of the governor and the weenie who got dismissed was the only person who suggested it has anything to do with disciplining her sister’s ex-husband. This is simply a political witch hunt led by a democratic senator who is hoping to damage her politically.

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