Don Young – Rat Head in a Coke Bottle.

27 07 2008

Not my words… Blame right wing lobbyist and draconian anti-tax activist Grover Norquist.

TPMMuckraker has featured Don Young in three of its last four posts.  Seems Rep. Young claimed to have received a “Hero of the Taxpayer” award from the non-partisan reform group Taxpayers for Common Sense.  Only one problem.  They don’t have a “Hero of the Taxpayer” award.  And I don’t know of too many reform groups handing out awards to Don Young.  Oops.

What he meant to say was that he’d received a “Hero of the Taxpayer” award from Grover Norquist’s group Americans for Tax Reform.  Simple error. Corrected. All forgotten?  Not so much.

Even Grover Norquist has now turned on Young, ripping him over a recent vote for a new tax hike.

“Republicans that vote for tax increases are like rat heads in Coke bottles,” Norquist said. “They ruin the Republican brand for all members. It should be readily apparent to a former ‘Hero of the Taxpayer Award’ recipient that you don’t vote for tax hikes.”

The Don just can’t get a break….and it’s only July.  Read the whole story here.