Obama Headquarters Open for Business

10 07 2008

Before I get out of town, just had to comment on the Obama organizational meeting Tuesday night.

I’ve been to a couple other meetings on “political row” aka Fairbanks St., and as I turned in off of Northern Lights, I wondered what had happened. There was obviously some kind of accident. Either it was just a fender bender, or a stalled car because no emergency vehicles were in sight. Maybe it just happened… A man ran over to my car window, and I rolled it down. “Here for Obama?” I nodded. “The only parking available at this time is either the Fireweed Theater or Carrs across the street!” he said smiling.

I was totally floored. After parking, waiting on line for more than five and less than ten minutes to register, I stood there with an index card with my precinct number written on it, and was escorted outside for food and drink. No veggie burgers, and no sugar or milk for coffee…at least none that I could find. I didn’t care. I sat there happily eating a dry cracker, a big piece of watermelon, washed it down with black coffee, and watched the throngs of excited people milling around under the big white tent that had been set up in case of rain. The organization was pretty darned impressive.

There were so many people there, they had to give the pep speech twice, once for those in the back of the building and once for those in the front. About 250 people showed up to volunteer. The crowd was very diverse in terms of ethnicity, gender and age. This bodes very very well. Notable attendees were Vic Fischer (of Alaska Constitution fame), and Matt Claman (Anchorage Assembly chair). I don’t know if Alaska will go blue this year, but the chances are better than they have been in a long time.

Here are some favorite pictures from the event.

A Die Hard

Converting the Hummer Crowd?




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14 07 2008

You’re not going to vote for Obama, are you???

14 07 2008

Hi Bill,
I was actually an ardent Edwards supporter at the beginning. And despite the fact that I’ve had a couple disagreements with Obama lately, (most notably his support of the new FISA bill), I could never wrap my mind around supporting McCain. So, that’s the long answer. The short answer is ‘yes’.

20 09 2008
Tracy Zimmer

You set another foot on my property and drop your obama garbage on my doorstep I will be putting my garbage on yours;That leftist,socialist empty suit son of a bitch would be the worst thing that could happen to this country,why don’t you dumb bastards just wake up……..

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