Kristol Luvs Palin. Creepy.

29 06 2008

Here’s one that’s just beyond the pale.  On Fox News, William ‘the Bloody’ Kristol decries “the horrible sexism and misogyny” of Democratic primary voters, and tells us his new pick for McCain’s running mate is – Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.  He gushes and swoons to the point of creepiness, talking about how Republicans are more ‘open to strong women’ and even suggests that Palin could ‘take on’ Barack Obama one-on-one on the basketball court.  Check out how Brit Hume keeps looking at him like he’s crazy.

When someone suggests that John McCain-Colin Powell might make for a winning ticket , Kristol chides him for ‘misogynist thinking’.  Huh?

Yes, this is the same Bill Kristol who mocked Hillary’s January tears. This is the same Bill Krisol who, in February, appearing again on Fox News said, “Look, the only people for Hillary Clinton are the Democratic establishment and white women. (snip) White women are a problem, you know. We all deal with that.” [laughter] When called on the carpet he sheepishly added, “I shouldn’t have said that.”   No, Bill…you shouldn’t have thought it.

Well, now Sarah Palin can add the coveted ‘nutball neocon warmonger’ demographic to her eclectic fan base.  Bill Kristol’s drooling, over-the-top endorsement should be enough to dampen Sarah-mania for supporters in the political center and left.




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29 06 2008

Forget Kristol, what about Palin?

29 06 2008

I don’t think Krystal mentioning Palin was creepy. His reaction was similar to mine ONCE I did my homework and studied up on her background and accomplishments.

She is an extraordinary woman and would be a great first female Veep and possibly first female President.

My sister who is a liberal likes her and altough she is pro-choice, she said she would vote for McCain/Palin because she thinks it is important to show that women can be strong leaders too like Palin. Plus she liked Palin’s family and she thinks Todd her husband is cute. She would love to see her new baby (w/ Downs Syndrome) in the news too. Little Trig and his mom would really charm America. She also found out about how Obama wants to kill babies who survive abortion based on his efforts to defeat the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (the Illinois equivalent) when he was in the Illinois statehouse. This my sister and I both found pretty disturbing. She was upset about Hillary losing to Obama and upset how the media treated her and protected Obama.

Palin would be a fabulous woman to represent the better sex and all of America.

The Republican Party has been ready for quite some time for a woman or minority ticket for some time and I think Palin would be the best and strongest choice for McCain. I think that’s why Krystal was impressed with her. I think he sees hope in the McCain campaign with Sarah on the ticket.

30 06 2008

I see you’ve subsequently deleted the 2nd post.

Hmmm…censorship…seems to be a liberal thing, despite nothing partisan in what I posted.

30 06 2008

Short a moderator are we?

30 06 2008

You know, despite my absolute clarity in hiring a moderator that they NOT need sleep, this just keeps happening…

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