Kucinich Alert!

18 06 2008

A quick reminder to tune in to KUDO 1080am in Anchorage tomorrow to listen to local progressive talk show host Shannyn Moore speak with Congressman and Progressive icon Dennis Kucinich!  Her show starts at 1:00pm and Kucinich is scheduled for the second hour. Lately they’ve been cutting her an hour short for Anchorage Bucks baseball.  (Not nearly as interesting, imho…)  They’d better not try that tomorrow lest a pack of angry libruls storm the studio to demand airtime.   If you’re not in Anchorage, you can get live streaming online

Good on ya Shannyn Moore for getting Kucinich on the show.  I’m all ears…

UPDATE:  Wow.  Dennis Kucinich called from the floor of the House for the interview.  He confirmed that if 30 days pass with no result, he will read the articles again…only this time there will be 60 instead of 35!  He also conveyed that his understanding is that Bush can be impeached and subject to penalties, even after he leaves office.  He also spoke fondly of Alaska and Alaskans, recounting his visits here.  He had time to take a few calls, and had to excuse himself once for a few minutes so he could go vote!  This gave me just enough time to flee the office and make it to the car without missing a beat on the way to a meeting.

You’ve got to give this guy tons of credit for being the only one with courage enough to stick his finger in the eye of Bush & Co. and call them out for what they are and what they’ve done – in Kucinich’s words “wanton disregard of the Constitution”.  You said it.

Kudos to KUDO, and Shannyn Moore.



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5 09 2008
student of 911

Hey, how many times must Bush publicly voluntarily inadvertently confess to prior knowledge of 9/11 — whatever it was — at the highest level of the U.S. government before the fake-opposition Dems and the fake-honest medial can be made to notice?

Speaking of airplanes,

Is it honest to blame 9/11 on ‘hijackers’ even after we know that we can not blame the too-rapid, too-energetic demise of the WTC skyscrapers on ‘airplanes’?

If we, like Queen of Collusion Nancy Pelosi, never ask the right questions, we’re practically guaranteed of never getting the right answers!

25 09 2008

Ms. Moore,

I had the great pleasure of meeting you at Bear Tooth. I ruthlessly appropriated your seat prior to your arrival but was eager to give it back when you arrived to meet Mr. M. You’re inspiring, intelligent and quite the looker. Keep doing what you do. You’re great!

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