Mark Begich is Running Against Al Franken!

16 06 2008

It’s true! The Progressive Patriots Fund, chaired by Russ Feingold, will be making a $5,000 contribution to one of 9 progressive senate candidates running this fall.

The field of hopefuls is: Mark Begich – Alaska, Vivian Davis Figures – Alabama, Erik Fleming – Mississippi, Al Franken – Minnesota, Kay Hagen – North Carolina, Scott Kleeb – Nebraska, Larry LaRocco – Idaho, Bruce Lunsford – Kentucky, and Jeff Merkley – Oregon.

I admit, I had a little pang. I like all of these people….but the gloves are off. This red-blooded Alaskan voted for Begich, and against 8 awesome progressive candidates who deserve it just as much.

I was at a progressive fundraiser recently, and the guy next to me leaned over and said behind his hand, “It’s going to be an expensive year”. Yup.

The Ted Stevens money machine is in full swing, and his war chest is formidable. So this little vote made me feel good about supporting Begich without having to pull out the checkbook again. Cast your vote HERE.