Wicked Witch Breaks Crayons. Goes Home.

13 06 2008

Senate President Lyda Green (the Wicked Witch of Wasilla) has pulled a surprise move last night, withdrawing her re-election bid. Seems she felt she had to step out because her constituents and fellow lawmakers didn’t agree with her oil and gas position, and were siding with (gulp) gov. Sarah Palin, her archnemesis and fellow Wasilla Republican. It was really the only right thing to do to maintain her personal integrity. Hmmm.

So, what’s the story behind the story?

One likely scenario is that Lyda, faced with a humiliating defeat from Palin supporter Linda Menard in the primary, did what any self-respecting petulant villain would do – broke her crayons and went home. That’ll teach ’em.

Scenario #2 is a little more intriguing. Any surprising political news involving unexpected fleeing, and unlikely explanations (particularly ‘ethical’ ones) must be looked at in terms of the current climate. I refer you to the giant black cloud overhead that is corruption, indictment, and involuntary relocation to housing facilities out of state. (The kind with bars on the windows).

Revelations may be on the way.  We can only speculate.

You know, as happy as I am to see her out of there, I was secretly hoping for a more dramatic playground battle. I wanted chalk throwing and secret alliances, after school detentions and someone getting sent to the principal’s office. But we’ll just have to settle for what we can get for now. There may be a trip to the principal’s office yet to come.

See Progressive Alaska’s take on things here.


Seems that scenario #1 (humiliating defeat indicated in polls) is now being confirmed by Lyda Green herself.  This does not necessarily rule out scenario #2.  The Anchorage Daily News adds a fascinating dimension to this stating that Lyda is feeling philosophical about the whole thing and looking forward to dedicating some time to her “passion for making decorative pillows and purses”.   Who knew?




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13 06 2008

Lyda Green’s office wasn’t searched. You know that.

I think she withdrew because she honestly believes Palin is leading our state into economic hell. She wants no part of it. Good on her.

13 06 2008

Alright LMM, one vote for sincerity. Duly noted.

1 09 2008

hey mudflats… what’s the scope on why ruedrucker, or whatever his name is, isn’t commented on the selection of Sarah Palin. This observer thinks he’d want to at least get a couple of swipes in at the person who ran him out of elected office. Is he saving it for something?

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