Corrupt Bastard Minority Leader Testifies.

6 06 2008

Corrupt Bastard minority leader (read Democrat) state senator Donny Olson testified before a grand jury in Anchorage on Wednesday. You’ll recall he was the only Democratic member of the CBC (Corrupt Bastards Club) to have his offices searched in August of 2006. The other five were Republicans.

Information is scant, and we’re not even sure he’s the target of this particular phase of the investigation. We’re all trying to be patient here, but it’s coming up to the two year mark! By the time this is all over, investigators will have the equivalent of an Associates Degree in corrupt bastardom. Let’s hope it’s not a Bachelor’s Degree.

This may be connected to the rumored Ben Stevens indictment that’s coming down the trail. Or it may not. These days, glimpses of the investigation are like whale watching. Oooo! Look, there’s one! And then it slips away into the murky depths. And so we wait. How long are they supposed to be able to hold their breath, before they have to come up again?




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