Obama Clinches It!

3 06 2008

The Associated Press is reporting that Barack Obama has the nomination clinched. He needs 10 delegates at this writing to make it official, and the results from Montana and South Dakota are not in yet. The predicted deluge of superdelegate endorsements started yesterday, and are still coming thick and fast. It looks like it will technically be delegates from the states that nudge him over the finish line, which is a good thing. It feels better than having it happen on some off-day with some random superdelegate putting him over.

The rumor mill is churning about VP choices. Hillary has said she’s ‘open’ to a Vice Presidential slot. Hmm. If I were Obama, I’d feel a wee bit uncomfortable about assigning anyone to my #2 slot when a scant two weeks ago they’d been speculating about my potential assassination. I think that was the nail in the coffin for Hillary. But, I notice on Barack Obama’s website that his next engagements are both in Virginia on June 5th. Virginia…home of Jim Webb. Interesting. Personally, I think Richardson would be the best choice.

And of course we all speculate about when Hillary will concede. She’s got an event scheduled in NY with big donors and I’m suspecting she’ll break the news there.

Time for everyone to take a big deep breath. The real race is about to begin.




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