‘O’ My.

2 06 2008

Senate seat O just got a little more interesting… Former Anchorage Assemblyman Doug Van Etten announced today that he’ll be running as a Democrat against junior corrupt bastard, Republican Kevin Meyer (above) for the Anchorage seat. Van Etten got ousted from the Anchorage Assembly by Dan Coffey and the Coffey-Time money machine in 2004.

And deranged wingnut Uwe Kalenka, of Chugach Electric fame will be running against Democrat Berta Gardner in midtown. This guy just won’t go away. On the bright side, this race now has tremendous potential for some real entertainment value!

We’ve still got two hours to go before the filing deadline….anyone else?

Another tidbit…I heard a rumor yesterday that the slow & squeaky wheels of justice are finally rolling up to the door of Ben Stevens. I’m on a 30-day watch. Stay tuned.




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