OMG!! Palin for V.P.!!! :)

2 06 2008


I don’t get it.  What’s with this groundswell of Alaskans who are so excited about the prospect of Sarah Palin being John McCain’s running mate?

There’s no question she’s a wildly popular governor.  I don’t remember what her last approval rating was… 80% ?  90%?  Something crazy.  So why then are all these people who are so ga-ga over the Gov, dying to get rid of her?   If she’s supposed to be the Salvation of Alaska, Murkowski-Slayer, and bestower of the glittering free-fuel debit card, then why are they so anxious to boot her out?  Then what?  Sean Parnell?  What if he wins his battle with Don ‘the bitin’ mink’ Young?  Sounds like taking what Alaskans seem to think is a good thing, and chucking it for a whole lot of uncertainty.

Is it because Republicans really believe that if Barack Obama gets the nomination, all the disgruntled Hillary fans will suddenly vote for anyone on either ticket who has ovaries and two X chromosomes?  And that would mean what….women don’t vote issues, they only vote gender?  A tad insulting.  I’m sure there are some women who can’t see past gender, just as some men can’t see past gender, and some whites and some blacks can’t see past race, but I don’t think Sarah Palin is the magic bullet that will restore the brand name of the Republican party to viability.  At least not with McBush heading the ticket.

I suspect it’s just the cool factor.  ” It would be so cool to have an Alaskan be the Vice President!  Wow!”  And isn’t that just sort of…pathetic in a way?  Like the mile long line when we open a K-Mart.  Are we really that desperate for something….ANYthing that will make us feel noticed up here? 

Mind you, the only tears I’ll cry if Palin leaves are the ones because John McCain would, by implication, be president. I doubt that’s going to happen.  But,  I’m not a huge fan of Palin, and I suspect that the longer she’s in office, the more her popularity will erode.  But it will be interesting to see this story develop. 


‘O’ My.

2 06 2008

Senate seat O just got a little more interesting… Former Anchorage Assemblyman Doug Van Etten announced today that he’ll be running as a Democrat against junior corrupt bastard, Republican Kevin Meyer (above) for the Anchorage seat. Van Etten got ousted from the Anchorage Assembly by Dan Coffey and the Coffey-Time money machine in 2004.

And deranged wingnut Uwe Kalenka, of Chugach Electric fame will be running against Democrat Berta Gardner in midtown. This guy just won’t go away. On the bright side, this race now has tremendous potential for some real entertainment value!

We’ve still got two hours to go before the filing deadline….anyone else?

Another tidbit…I heard a rumor yesterday that the slow & squeaky wheels of justice are finally rolling up to the door of Ben Stevens. I’m on a 30-day watch. Stay tuned.