Corrupt Bastard Dominos!

30 05 2008

This is great!  Check out Ray Metcalfe’s website, and play corrupt bastard dominos!  He’s got a nice header, and when you click it, you can see a whole string of corrupt bastards starting with Bill Allen, and ending with ‘Uncle Ted’ Stevens who falls last, with a satisfying thwack, right on his face.  I did actually laugh out loud and confess to playing this little game more than once. Kinda like throwing darts, without leaving a hole in your wall.  It just feels goooood. Here’s the link –  Try it!



One response

15 08 2008
Bill Fikes

Thanks for the kind words. I did the Domino flash header, actually did it over a year ago, odd how many actually fell into place. I redid it to add a couple guys and change the order.

You might enjoy my latest efforts to help Ray metcalfe get the word out.

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