Stevens & Knowles in a Fight to the Death!

26 05 2008


It’s almost poetic.  The Ted Stevens International Airport expansion threatens to decimate the Tony Knowles coastal trail and Point Woronzof Park with it. (Insert evil laughter here)  Once again park users are going to have to suck it up and dedicate a good portion of their evening time attending meetings and putting the pressure on if they want to save the park land in Anchorage that is under constant threat of being chipped away by ‘the powers that be’. 

Town Square Park dodged the bullet thanks to a dedicated Citizen’s Advisory Group that actually listened when the community said, “We’d rather not pave the thing, thankyouverymuch”.  Then there was the Russian Jack Park “Golf vs. 25 acres of Trees” debacle.  Now this.

The use of our parks may be free, but it’s not free.  We pay in time, energy, and involvement.  It’s kind of like democracy…if you’re not paying attention, you lose it.  The Anchorage Daily News lays out the four alternatives proposed by the airport.  Two of them involve the total loss of Point Woronzof Park, which is supposed to make us feel thankful, when we end up going with the one that saves the park , and diverts us onto a manmade gravel bar with 747s blowing our hair as they pass over our heads, and then snuggles right up to the sewage treatment plant.   Hold your nose and vote.

I have the same questions as everyone else.  Why not capacity for increased cargo flights in Kenai? Fairbanks? The Valley? Pt. McKenzie?  If all this development is ‘inevitable’ and not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’, then lets REALLY be foreward thinking.  And one more question…do we have to wait until AFTER the indictment to rename the airport? 




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6 09 2008

Great reporting!

Keep up the fight. Parks near people are extremely valuable. Saves having to get into a Piper Cub to enjoy high quality Alaskan life every day.

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