Palin vs. Polar Bear

21 05 2008

Surprise! Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announced that the state will be filing suit challenging the decision made last week by Dick Kempthorne, Secretary of the Interior, to list the polar bear as a threatened species, under the Endangered Species Act.

“While the state is challenging the listing, we remain committed to assuring Alaska’s polar bears are conserved,” Palin said. “The state will continue to monitor Alaska’s polar bear populations and their behaviors in relation to changing sea ice conditions.”

Monitor their behaviors in relation to changing sea ice conditions? Does that involve a lounge chair, a clip board and binoculars to watch the drowning? It’s almost pathetic at this point to watch the squirmings and writhings of the state as they try to denounce, deny and controvert the facts.

Palin’s meteoric rise to governorship, and unbelievable popularity both stem, ironically, from her squeaky-clean image, and pledges for honesty and transparency in government. So how about releasing the Alaska Department of Fish & Game’s analysis of the polar bear situation? Oh….you won’t do that? Hmmm. Could that be because the scientific evidence that was so incontrovertible it even persuaded the Dept. of the Interior, also persuaded Fish & Game? Transparency when convenient. Honesty when advantageous to your own ‘oil & gas’ agenda? It’s hard to stay squeaky-clean when you’re covered with oil.




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29 08 2008
the Geologist

Some nitwits writes:

“Palin vs. Polar Bear

Surprise! Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announced . . . ”

So . . .

I checked that website, and there is no such “Report”.

If a “Report” has not been released or is a Stste secret in Alaska, how do YOU know about it? The USGS has done reports with modeling on pack ice – but you really need to site a source or reference, any reference, that supports whatever it is you are trying to say. Otherwise, you have a logical flaw in what you think is an argument, but is really just nonsense. Did the Dep’t of Interior also base the ESA re-listing on a mythical, top-secret report that no one can get a copy of? No, I think not. This is the kind of mindless discourse that has made the US a laughing stock.

14 09 2008

I would love for you to do a post about the aerial controversy in Alaska. I am undecided and when I heard about the killing by plane of these wonderful animals I was sick for two days, still am. What is the real story? Have you ever seen any factual evidence the wolves are in fact a threat to caribou and moose to the point where they are really hurting the natives food supply? I am just at a loss. What a barbaric practice. Thank you.

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