Obama IS Coming to Alaska!

19 05 2008

Wow. If I knew my wishes would come true this easily, I’d have done it before! Obviously someone out there in Obama-land has been picking up on the vibes from the north! The Daily News has just reported that Obama will be in Alaska for ‘a brief campaign stop’ in the fall, if possible and a longer visit after the November election. While the Obama campaign still leaves a little wiggle-room about the pre-election visit, I hope they make it happen. For good reasons why, see my previous post. Alaska Democrats, and Democrats nationally need the Obama bump to clean house and send Stevens and Young out to pasture. Their priority needs to be before, not after November 4th.




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10 09 2008

Good for you, see wishes do come true. I know he said he had been to 49 states and realized he had never been to Alaska. He joked that he needed to get up there and see what was going on. I also remember early on he had planned to attempt to take that state in his 50 state campaign to turn some states from red to blue. Ain’t no way he could do that now. However if he could help energize the progressives and dems up there, that would be a good thing for you guys.

Keep us posted.

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